Take a closer look at how we solve delivery pain points for our customers.

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DITA Eyewear

Needed to solve key logistics challenges to improve the customer experience, and deliver on its expansion plans.

“With Scurri, everything is much quicker now. Once you’ve picked the product, printed the label, and dispatched the item, it’s very smooth and quick.”

Orla Skally

Director Of Operations


Partnering through growth and innovation.

“There is nothing more important in modern logistics than getting your delivery right first time. Scurri plays a large part in our business as a whole. …as one of the most innovative businesses in the UK we look at Scurri as a partner who is matching our ambitions to lead change and lead the way to the top. I love working with Scurri.”

Kirsten Cunningham

Logistics Manager

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Below, see how Gousto are using Scurri to facilitate scaling


Removed manual effort, and created a stable and repeatable process that eliminates errors and delivery blind spots.

“Having Scurri sit in the middle of our warehouse management system and our final mile carriers is really scalable. We just couldn’t do the volumes we are doing now without it.”

Dean Jackson

Head of Logistics

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Discovered how straightforward international logistics expansion could be.

“Our relationship with Scurri was life-changing for our business and remains a key component for our customer satisfaction.”

Robert Kulawik



Needed a smooth running delivery service, particularly through peak periods, and wanted to move to seven-days-a-week delivery.

“I would say that the Scurri part of the new technology rollout was the smoothest, because it really just plugged in.”

Lauren Juster

Sales and Marketing Manager

Butternut Box

Wanted to expand delivery internationally, and ensure that customer support in the last mile works.

“Using Scurri, we are able to connect to new international carriers easily. This makes it easier in terms of giving customers more options, more choice and a better customer experience.”

Niall Paterson

Director of Engineering

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