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Delivering a 9.5 Trustpilot score via Scurri.

Vision Direct is Europe’s largest online contact lens retailer. Cultivating customer trust is at the heart of their business. They were able to implement a new and challenging, international eCommerce delivery strategy when they replaced their DIY carrier integrations with the powerful Scurri API.

Scurri now provides Vision Direct with the flexibility to add, change and adjust delivery services in all markets. Scurri’s innovative tech solutions make it easy for them to customise deliveries at a local level. This capability fuels Vision Direct’s positive customer experience which has earned them a 9.5 Trustpilot score. Thousands of satisfied customers gave glowing feedback, impressed by the delivery speed. Scurri has been integral to Vision Direct becoming Europe’s largest and most trusted online contact lens retailer.

We can ship the vast majority of orders within 24 hours, and our strong Trustpilot score of 9.5 is due to excellent delivery and exceptional customer care, made possible by our infrastructure and systems.

Brendan O’Brien, COO

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85% faster shipment creation time with Scurri.

Since onboarding Scurri, our logistics department has seen huge benefits in operational capabilities as well as efficiency. Our time spent booking labels has significantly reduced from 90 minutes per day to less than 15 minutes per week.

Bobby Amirahmadi, Head of Logistics, Gousto

Gousto became the fastest growing online retailer in the UK in 2017. Behind the scenes, they use Scurri to power their delivery capabilities. The Recipe Box company required a system and a team that could support them with the demands and complexities of delivery as well as coping with the high volume of orders they receive as one of the UK’s fastest scaling online brands.

The team at Gousto shared the same obsession as Scurri, to provide the most elegant, effective and radically up to date delivery experience for customers. With access to Scurri’s world-class API and delivery software experts, the Gousto team knew that together they could spearhead the latest in delivery innovation. Gousto’s ability to deliver on their industry disrupting vision became a whole lot easier when they found a partner they could fully trust. Learn more about how Gousto achieved 85% faster shipment creation times with Scurri.

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