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The platform that puts you back in control

The leading delivery management platform for Retailers, Marketplaces and Logistics

Next-Generation Delivery Management

Scurri Connect


Explore Scurri Connect and see why leading retailers, marketplaces and 3PL’s choose Scurri to help them take control of their international growth.


Easily create a single label for all your carriers. Saving you time to focus on the important things in your business. See how we give control and savings back to businesses like yours…

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yodel shipment label

“Our time spent booking labels has significantly reduced from 90 minutes per day to less than 15 minutes per week… Read more

Kirsten Cunningham Logistics Manager, Gousto


scurri delivery management software


Ship to anywhere in the world by accessing our network of global and national carriers. Choose the best carrier for each shipping address, and manage all carriers easily and effectively. Control your international growth with Scurri Connect.

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scurri carriers including royal mail, dhl, ups, dpd, fedex


Gain total control over your operations with actionable insights. Improve efficiencies, enhance customer experience and act quickly with our advanced reporting suite. See how we help businesses like yours…

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scurri delivery and location tracking status reporting

“Rates reporting gives us the power to analyse our carrier costs and make savings. We can see all our data easily… Read more

Dean Johnson eCommerce Executive, Big Jig Toys

scurri delivery management software

See more features of Scurri Connect

Discover the features of Scurri Connect that are empowering our customers to take total control over their operations

More about Scurri

Post Purchase Communications

Scurri Track Plus

Boost customer loyalty and reduce WISMO queries with own-branded tracking emails and a branded -tracking timeline.

Discover how Scurri Track Plus can help turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity.

Built for control, scaled for growth

Delivering control

Scurri Connect is configurable next generation delivery management software that puts you back in control of your business by cutting costs, coordinating carriers, scaling your capabilities, and enhancing your offer.

Download our one page PDF that gives a high level overview of our solutions.


Exclusive events for eCommerce retailers

At Scurri, we’re known to throw a good party for eCommerce retailers.

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Pain points

Delivery pain points and how we solve them

We understand that the delivery process presents a number of challenges for online retailers to solve.

Discover how Scurri Connect helps solve these problems and empowers our customers to take control of their delivery management.

Next steps

Discover the wide range of carriers and carrier services available through Scurri Connect.

See how our best-in-class partnerships help ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Why Scurri Connect

Explore the features, innovations and product bundles of Scurri Connect.

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