Scurri Track Plus

Putting retailers back in control of the customer delivery experience (CdX) by reducing delivery support overhead, reducing the volume of customer delivery enquiries, reducing negative reviews, increasing repeat purchase revenue, and protecting your brand across the full customer experience.

Take control of the Customer Delivery Experience (CdX)


Engage customers with own-branded tracking emails


Boost brand loyalty with a retailer-branded tracking timeline


Reduce WISMO queries, confusion and churn

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Improved the customer journey while driving profit.

“Thanks to the commercial savings due to a reduction in customer contact & more importantly brand building by providing a seamless and accurate up front customer journey, I think Scurri Track Plus is worth every penny.”

David Butcher

Operations, CS & Global Logistics Manager

Scurri Track Plus Features

Branded Tracking Timeline

Boost repeat purchases with a retailer-branded tracking timeline.

Branded Tracking Emails

Send retailer-branded tracking emails at a time of peak engagement.

Estimated Delivery Date

Estimated Delivery

Reduce order anxiety with accurate delivery expectations.

Customer Insights

Get the post-purchase insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Customer Journey

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.

How it works

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.