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Scurri is trusted by some of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in the UK. It's essential software for the most ambitious retailers. Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

“We love how much control and flexibility we have using the Scurri API, it’s so easy to use, as is the rules engine. Features like Rates reporting give us the power to analyse our carrier costs and make savings. We can see all our data easily and use it to continuously develop and offer the best possible delivery service to our customers.

Scurri’s functionality should not be underestimated. Scurri does everything we need while being cost-effective and it’s delightfully straightforward.”

- Dean Johnson, eCommerce Executive

“Scurri (aka: happiness /ˈhapɪnəs/ – noun): the feeling that comes over you when the vendor underpromised and over-delivered. 

Changing the tech that runs your business is always a concern- at e5p we despatch thousands of orders a day, worldwide, using multiple rules and couriers. With Scurri, scoping through to implementation was a breeze, go-live went without hiccups and our dedicated account manager is available whenever we need. Although Scurri offers a full suite of expected functionalities we also achieve a very significant cost saving.

Scurri is a great solution, run by a great bunch of genuine, passionate, efficient and straight-talking people.“

- Robert Kulawik, Chief Operating Officer

“We just started using Scurri as our carrier management system – it’s enabled us to bring Yodel onboard as a second courier very quickly and will enable us, as an ops team, to switch volume to a number of other couriers without needing internal tech support.”

- Jack Harrison, Logistics Manager

“Since onboarding with Scurri our warehouse team is so much more efficient. They can access the labels as and when they need them, making the packing process much faster and more accurate, we have far less errors now. Implementing Scurri has been a game-changer for us at Natural Baby Shower, delivering improvements across the board.”

- Clifton Vaughan, Director

“Innovation is really at the cornerstone of everything we do at Gousto, as one of the most innovative businesses in the UK we look at Scurri as a partner who is matching our ambitions to lead change and lead the way to the top. I love working with Scurri.

There is nothing more important in modern logistics than getting your delivery right first time. Scurri plays a large part in our business as a whole.”

- Bobby Amirahmadi, Head of Logistics

“Scurri is a really easy platform to use, the team got to grips with it straight away! We’ve seen improvements all round since connecting Scurri. The Scurri onboarding team were attentive and patient and made sure everything was right to get us up and running.”

- Vicki Martin, Project Coordinator

“We can ship the vast majority of orders within 24 hours, and our strong Trustpilot score of 9.5 is due to excellent delivery and exceptional customer care, made possible by our infrastructure and systems.

A dedicated fulfilment centre, reliable delivery and returns system are key to ensuring infrastructure works effectively.”

- Brendan O’Brien, COO

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