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When a small group of people came up with an ingenious idea of serving recipe kits they didn’t realise its potential. Alongside the speed of their service came an exceptional level of growth. Scurri outlines how we found a scalable solution

The Main Ingredient

Gousto removes the hassle of cooking, by delivering fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions directly to consumers across the UK. Offering a wide product range seven days a week Gousto make it easy to keep meal times exciting.
Each individual recipe box holds the ingredients and step-by-step guide to cook up to 4 delicious meals. Insulated packaging on food items and multiple servings per box, the options are endless.


Flavour is key

Gousto was already spending 90 minutes per day on preparing shipments. This needed to be drastically reduced through a cost-effective and reliable solution.
With huge volumes of recipe boxes being shipped from Gouto’s warehouse each week they needed to find a shipping API to cope with customer demand.

While consumer convenience remained a key objective for the online meal kit retailer clear documentation was a key requirement in the search for a viable solution.

The Scurri solution has proved to be the best fit for Gousto as they continue to grow and scale their online business. Having access to scurri’s team of highly experienced developers means that Gousto can work to tailor their shipping API solution to match their business needs.

Since on-boarding Scurri, our logistics department has seen huge benefits in operational capabilities as well as efficiency. Our time spent booking labels has significantly reduced from 90 minutes per day to less than 15 minutes per week

Bobby Amirahmadi, Head of Logistics, Gousto

Scurri delivered a recipe for success in allowing Gousto to become the fastest growing eCommerce company in the UK


Bon Appétit!

Integrating with Scurri was a great experience. Scurri provided excellent API documentation & access to their development team via a dedicated Slack channel, allowing our team to communicate in real-time”

A single platform allows Gousto to dynamically engineer the best results in their delivery performance. Giving them even more control over consumer trust and brand reputation.

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