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Vision Direct is a UK-based pure-play online retailer which sells contact lenses and glasses worldwide. Their customer-centric approach saw the business grow from an idea to having revenue of £80M with 250 staff in UK & Europe.

Exceptional delivery service in 7 territories

The company says its customers expect fast and reliable delivery with the ability to return items easily. Vision Direct use Scurri to add new delivery carriers while efficiently managing the existing one,s as well as to create reports on order fulfilment and carrier performance.


Having access to Scurri’s carrier network means they can deliver a fast and local service abroad using local carriers to their distribution centres dotted around the world. For example, adding an established carrier that services Spain & Portugal.


Vision Direct are 24/7, in all languages, which means their service offering is the same no matter which territory the customer is in, offering next day delivery in pretty much every territory.

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“We can ship the vast majority of orders within 24 hours, and our strong Trustpilot score of 9.5 is due to excellent delivery and exceptional customer care, made possible by our infrastructure and systems.


A dedicated fulfilment centre, reliable delivery and returns system are key to ensuring infrastructure works effectively.”

 Brendan O’Brien, COO at Vision Direct

Customer reviews are the best KPI

The company prides itself on its service, and as such prioritises the Delivery experience to their competitive advantage. The company relies on customer retention, 80% of orders come from customers who have already ordered, they believe repeat orders rely on delivery being perfect.


They believe that customer reviews are the best KPI and their reviews focus strongly on the aspects of delivery such as speed, precision, reliability etc.

Operational Resilience

The retailer faced a number of constraints at the start of the pandemic, for example, one carrier stopped delivering to the US but using Scurri’s carrier network they were able to quickly add a new carrier that could deliver to the US within 24 hours.

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