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Pallet shipment is an increasingly popular option for shipping goods – with benefits including efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Here, we take a brief look at the role pallet shipment can play in an effective delivery management strategy.

Why pallet shipment?

Moving goods using pallet shipment is becoming a more popular choice for retailers of certain types of goods. There are two main scenarios where pallet shipment is commonly used. It tends to be used when lots of small items are sent, usually in an inter-company or B2B shipment, or when single items are too large to be shipped conventionally. Designed to hold 1000 kg in weight, pallets are heavier and thus more expertise than standard parcels.


However, they are far more cost-effective when shipping large volumes of goods to a single location, or when sending large bulky items. Pallet shipment can help control emissions by ensuring trucks are full to reduce road miles.

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Market leaders in pallet shipment

Palletforce are widely recognised as the market leaders in palletised freight distribution. Through a single integration with the Scurri platform, our customers can easily and quickly access the full range of Palletforce delivery services. These include 24, 48, and 72 hour services, as well as 3-5 day delivery options. 


With a delivery network spanning depots in 120 locations across the UK, Palletforce have delivered pallet shipment volumes close to 50 million over the last two decades. With flexible options for shipment of all sixes, including half pallets, it’s trusted by over 15,000 businesses each day. As with all our delivery services, we provide instant updates to track deliveries with unrivalled visibility and real-time notifications.

Pallet shipment do’s and don’ts

When it comes to pallet shipment, correct loading to protect employee safety and prevent damage to goods is essential. It usually means securing the pallet’s contents with strapping or stretch wrap. It’s important to never exceed the recommended height, use a robust wooden, metal or plastic pallet, never overhang the pallet edges, and avoid pyramid stacking. In terms of material handling, a standard pallet jack is most suitable for lifting and stacking. Pallets work by keeping goods raised above the ground, avoiding damage from dirt, debris, and water.

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