Delivery pain points and how we solve them

We understand that the delivery process presents a number of challenges for online retailers to solve.

Discover how Scurri Connect helps solve these problems and enables our customers to take control of their international growth.


Integrating with new carriers

Carrier integration is a challenging and costly process, especially if you’re planning to expand internationally.


Scurri Connect offers fast and flexible connection to a network of local and global carriers, all through a single, stable integration.


Maintaining carrier connectivity

Carriers update their specifications, APIs, and services frequently, so staying up to date is a lot of work and expense.


Scurri Connect offers the ability to plug into an existing API, maintaining all carrier integrations quickly and effortlessly.


Reducing carrier costs

To get the best rate, you need to be able to add new carriers, and switch between them, as quickly as possible.


With Scurri Connect you can manage carrier rates by optimising carrier selection to get the best deal.

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Our specialists understand your delivery challenges and the impact they have on your business. We will assess how you currently manage delivery, diagnose the problems, and offer tailor free, no-obligation advice to your specific needs.

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Our case studies offer a detailed view of how we’ve solved specific delivery pain points for retail businesses just like yours. Find out how our customers use Scurri to streamline the shipping and delivery process.

Single portal

Managing shipping labels

Shipping label errors are costly to a business. In fact, when shipping label addresses are inaccurate or incomplete, 41% of deliveries are delayed, and 39% fail entirely. Instead of managing carrier labels in separate portals, our platform automatically applies labels for each order, with shipping rules to avoid errors. Scurri offers a single portal to use and apply labels for every carrier.

Connected systems

Ensuring last mile support works

Our platform ensures that front-end systems are connected with last mile support. This enables us to provide advanced speed, cost, and reliability metrics, making it easy to identify areas for improvement. Scurri connects carrier and customer systems to ensure they work together seamlessly.


Offering faster delivery options

Offering customers faster delivery means expanding your delivery proposition to give them more choice at checkout. With Scurri you can move to next day delivery by optimising carrier selection.


Dealing with customer support queries

Did you know that 90% of shoppers feel that being updated on the status of a delivery is non-negotiable? With up to date shipping information readily available, you know exactly when and where parcels will be delivered. Scurri helps you reduce WISMO queries by tracking orders through the full order journey.

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Our specialists understand your delivery challenges and the impact they have on your business. We will assess how you currently manage delivery, diagnose the problems, and tailor free, no-obligation advice to your specific needs.

How Scurri works with UK retailers

Our in-depth case studies take a closer look at how we’re solving delivery pain points for retailers and enabling them to take control of their international growth.

View our case studies

Take a closer look at how we solve delivery pain points.

“We discovered how straightforward international logistics expansion could be. Our relationship with Scurri was life changing for our business and remains a key component for our customer satisfaction.”

Robert Kulawik


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Delivering control

Scurri is configurable next generation delivery management software that puts you back in control of your business by cutting costs, coordinating carriers, scaling your capabilities, and enhancing your offer.

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