Last-mile delivery tracking that puts you in control

When it comes to delivery management, the positive impact of effective last-mile delivery tracking can’t be underestimated.


Here, we take a brief look at last-mile delivery tracking and explore its benefits.


Take control with comprehensive last-mile delivery tracking

Without a last-mile delivery tracking capability that’s on point, retailers risk damage to their hard won reputations. After one poor delivery experience, 84% of customers won’t buy from a brand again. And 77% of negative online reviews feature bad post-purchase service, or a lack of tracking updates. In a nutshell, managing customer experience in this most visible stage of the fulfilment cycle, simply isn’t optional.

Taking control with comprehensive tracking, through a delivery management platform, gives visibility of carrier performance in one central location. It allows you to manage customer expectations far better by spotting carrier issues earlier and letting customers know quickly.

Last mile delivery tracking in transit
Last mile delivery tracking with phone

Know the status of every delivery

More often than not, when packages leave the warehouse, the retailer has little or no visibility. Both retailers and customers are at the mercy of tracking updates from carriers that can leave them struggling for accurate information. One of the main advantages of a last-mile delivery tracking tool is the visibility to know the exact status of every delivery, and offer customer proactive support. 


With all tracking updates in one central location, and the ability to automatically update customers in real time, last-mile delivery tracking dramatically reduces WISMO queries. Support agents can also easily access information to reduce call times and improve customer satisfaction.

Own your tracking updates

Managing last-mile delivery tracking in one central location offers advanced reporting features that make a number of efficiencies possible. Firstly, you can spot carrier issues earlier and let customers know sooner. This prevents missed deliveries and creates a far better experience. Infact, with Scurri’s last-mile delivery tracking tool you can allow customers to track their own packages on your website. 


With our advanced reporting suite you analyse carrier efficiency and costs, and discover insights to improve efficiencies. Last but not least, you can own your own post-purchase comms and benefit from additional opportunities. With your own branded tracking communications it’s possible to nurture customer relationships and create upsell opportunities.

Warehouse staff using last mile delivery tracking

These are just some of the ways the last mile delivery tracking can benefit your eCommerce business.



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