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Delivering Cost Savings & Efficiencies

Everything £5 are a global leader for Staged fashion with over 1 million registered customers. They stand ahead of their competitors not only for the affordable prices they offer but also for the high street trends they provide.


In 2020 Scurri partnered with Everything £5 to support them in scaling and growing their delivery operation. The Scurri platform has enabled them to drive cost savings and efficiencies which is vital to their strategy of keeping cost margins low and customer satisfaction high.

Here is what Robert Kulawik, Chief Operating Officer of Everything £5 had to say:

“Scurri (aka: happiness /ˈhapɪnəs/ – noun): the feeling that comes over you when the vendor underpromised and over-delivered.

Changing the tech that runs your business is always a concern- at e5p we despatch thousands of orders a day, worldwide, using multiple rules and couriers. With Scurri, scoping through to implementation was a breeze, go-live went without hiccups and our dedicated account manager is available whenever we need. Although Scurri offers a full suite of expected functionalities we also achieve a very significant cost saving.

Scurri is a great solution, run by a great bunch of genuine, passionate, efficient and straight-talking people.“

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