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DPD Ireland is part of the international DPD group. The DPD Ireland courier service provides reliable, efficient, fully trackable, Next Day delivery throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. With real-time tracking and scan visibility, you know where your parcel is at every stage of the delivery journey. They deliver flexible, innovative, solutions for B2C and B2B shipping, whether you ship domestically or internationally.

Seen as one of the key innovators the field in parcel delivery technology, DPD’s technological developments have revolutionised how parcels are delivered. Their centrally located sorting hub has the most technologically advanced and efficient sortation system in Ireland, processing 7,000 parcels per hour, to 21,000 parcels per hour. Their extensive network includes 35 regional depots across Ireland.

DPD Ireland offers its DPD CLASSIC Two Day delivery service to/from Britain. DPD UK deliveries 150m parcels annually and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading time-critical parcel carriers.

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