How Scurri’s label generation puts you back in control

When it comes to delivery management, label generation plays a key role in controlling costs, operations and growth.


Discover how Scurri’s fast, effective and seamless label generation can help you gain control of your delivery management.





Control your growth with fast, scalable label generation

With Scurri’s delivery management software, you can easily create a single label for all your carriers in an instant. Saving you time to focus on the important things in your business. 


With lightning-fast label response time from as little as 150ms on average, Scurri puts you in control of instant label generation at scale.




“With Scurri, everything is much quicker now. Once you’ve picked the product, printed the label, and dispatched the item, it’s very smooth and quick.“  Read more

Orla Skally, Director Of Operations – DITA Eyewear


scurri delivery management software

“If you’ve got an issue with a carrier, you can make the switch quickly. You can have rule sets in readiness that you just turn on and off. Read more

Dean Jackson Head of Logistics, SikSilk

scurri delivery management software

Control your label operations in one central platform

Managing carrier labels in multiple platforms can be a real pain point for many retailers, particularly as they work with new carriers.

Through one central platform, Scurri’s label library integrates with our international network of carriers, providing seamless access to 700+ carrier services.

This puts a world of choice and flexibility at your fingertips and ensures that when it comes to label generation, operations are seamless.

Control your issues with accurate, complete data

In today’s international trade environment, compliance is never optional, and complete and valid data is non-negotiable.

Incomplete or inaccurate label data can lead to missing packages, unwanted returns and an increase in costly WISMO queries. 

Scurri connects over 100 million orders internationally per year – so we know a thing or two about the importance of accurate label generation, particularly in relation to cross-border deliveries.


Upstream pre-approvals let you manage by exception, taking any issues out of the warehouse for easier resolution.


By ensuring our label data is complete and accurate and by ensuring you can manage by exception, we prevent label issues from escalating, which in turn drives profitability. 

“Using Scurri to ship actually gives you the real-time status of a parcel, so you know if the label has been printed, if the parcel has been dispatched, and if it has been collected and manifested by the final mile carrier.” 

Dean Jackson, Head of Logistics – SikSilk

scurri delivery management software
warehouse workers at speed on delivery shipments
“The most tangible benefits of using Scurri is the cost saving of the label production for the service that you’re using. It makes sure we don’t overspend on our shipping costs per package.  Read more

Clifton Vaughan, CEO – Natural Baby Shower

scurri delivery management software

Control your costs with tangible savings per label

Time and time again, our customers achieve cost savings per label that enable them to control their profitability.

For parenting and baby retailer Natural Baby Shower, accurate and speedy production saves 50% of the label costs for the carrier service used. Learn more about how they use Scurri to control their costs in our Natural Baby Shower case study.

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