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Scurri Connect

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Scurri Connect is configurable next generation delivery management software that was created to put you back in control of the most fundamental pillars of your business.

Scurri puts you back in control of:

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How Scurri Connect puts you back in control

Controlling costs

Through fully configurable automation, Scurri Connect allows you to tailor carrier selection in a more sophisticated way, enhancing your offer while keeping costs tightly controlled.



Faster labelling processes save time and resource while our full monitoring and tracking capabilities enable optimisation of your end-to-end delivery processes.

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“By setting rules to automatically select the best carrier service, the business saves up to 80p per package. Read more

Clifton Vaughan, CEO – Natural Baby Shower


scurri delivery management software

“If you’ve got an issue with a carrier, you can make the switch quickly. You can have rule sets in readiness that you just turn on and off. Read more

Dean Jackson Head of Logistics, SikSilk

scurri delivery management software

Controlling Operations

By automating carrier and even service selection processes using tightly defined, directly controlled and uniquely configurable rules, Scurri Connect dramatically expands the delivery offering that you can manageably bring to market, making your life easier while creating a competitive advantage. 



Leading monitoring and tracking capabilities enhance issue resolution capability and enable ongoing optimisation.

Controlling your offer

With Scurri Connect, you can do things you never thought possible. Previously unviable service offers become simple and automated with our fully configurable and uniquely sophisticated no-code rules engine. 



You can directly create new, customised checkout options and add premium services simply and swiftly, whatever your scale, enhancing customer experience, removing barriers to sale and improving margins.

“The fact that Scurri can offer a personalised tracking page for our customers – this really helps Everything5Pounds execute on its main marketing tool: customer satisfaction and word of mouth.  Read more

Robert Kulawik COO, Everything5pounds

scurri delivery management software
“In terms of Brexit, we haven’t had any issues shipping to the UK, which is in our top five markets, because everything just worked between Scurri and DHL.  Read more
Orla Skally, Director Of Operations – DITA Eyewear
scurri delivery management software

Controlling your issues

Scurri’s automated labelling system not only saves time and resource, but also integrates an early pre-approval system on all labels.


This identifies issues and inconsistencies and moves them out of the warehouse and into your central customer service teams for easier and more effective resolution.



Our ongoing monitoring allows for constant optimisation by uncovering recurring challenges and enabling changes in process to address them at scale.



Controlling your growth

Scurri Connect unleashes complementary growth capabilities for your business, offering enterprise scale to all your delivery processes while also giving comprehensive international reach and cross-border capability. 



Whether you simply need to automate manual processes, expand your service offering at scale or connect your business across markets, Scurri Connect makes it easy and instant.



“As one of the most innovative businesses in the UK we look at Scurri as a partner who is matching our ambitions to lead change and lead the way to the top. I love working with Scurri.  Read more

Kirsten Cunningham, Logistics Manager – Gousto

scurri delivery management software
“Our relationship with Scurri was life-changing for our business and remains a key component for our customer satisfaction… Read more

Robert Kulawik – COO Everything5Pounds

scurri delivery management software

Controlling your customer experience

By allowing you to offer more to customers and deliver it more easily, with fewer issues, Scurri Connect dramatically enhances your customer experience in a frictionless way. 



By supporting our uniquely configurable rules engine with easy implementation and category-leading customer service, Scurri Connect has a dramatic impact on your experience of delivery management too. There’s no wonder we have industry-leading NPS and CSAT scores and a growing list of dynamic blue-chip clients.



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