Amazon Shipping. Carrier Integration | Scurri Product Announcement

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amazon shipping carrier integration with scurri

Scurri is delighted to announce the latest carrier integration, Amazon Shipping.


Service for the newly established Amazon Shipping carrier is now available through Scurri. This carrier can be treated just like any other carrier and Scurri customers can send shipping orders not generated on the Amazon Marketplace through this service.  

Next Day delivery.

This premium shipping service specialises in UK Next-Day delivery at competitive rates. With benefits including a 7-day pick-up service and no weekend surcharge. Grow your business by improving the speed of fulfilment and by establishing a reputation for reliability through Scurri in partnership with Amazon Shipping. 

How to get started.

Scurri is one of a few integrators that Amazon has chosen for its shipping services, it’s fast and simple to set-up. So to find out how Scurri can help you maximise the potential value of this opportunity please register your interest in Amazon Shipping using the link below.

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