Scurri and what3words

Delivering unparalleled accuracy for an enhanced customer experience

A simple way to identify precise locations

Delivery addresses aren’t always accurate, and similar street names can create confusion leading to late deliveries, costly delays and a poor customer experience.

To solve this problem for our customers, Scurri has partnered with what3words, a UK-based geocode system company which provides a simple way to identify precise locations.

Our future-facing partnership ensures we’re prepared to facilitate what3words integration for our customers.*

what3words and Scurri partnership

Reducing WISMO queries and last-mile delays

what3words offers location-based technology that divides the globe into a grid of three metre squares, and labels each grid with a unique and random combination of words.

 Benefits of our partnership

Precise Locations

Reduces lost parcels, time-consuming phone calls from lost drivers and unnecessary emissions

Optimal Experience

Deliver straight to your customer’s door, offering an optimal delivery experience

Seamless Integration

Scurri customers can integrate what3words with ease

How it works

Delivering unparalleled accuracy for an enhanced customer experience

At checkout, customers specify the what3words address for their delivery location
Next, Scurri forwards the what3words address from the retailer to their delivery partner. Other address information is also included.

The driver now has the exact destination as provided by the customer. No confusion, mixed up street names or costly delays.

*what3words integration is subject to carrier support. Contact a delivery management specialist for more information.

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