Estimated delivery date

Reduce order anxiety and transform the post-purchase experience with accurate delivery expectations.


Delight customers with accurate delivery predictions

Our Estimated Delivery Date feature enables retailers to estimate the delivery time from pick up to drop off.

“Our own research shows that 64% of customers will leave a negative review when they receive an unsatisfactory response to a WISMO query. Scurri Track Plus helps prevent this from ocurring by keeping customers informed with an estimated delivery date.”

Sarah Doran Product Manager, Scurri


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Scurri Track Plus Features

Branded Tracking Timeline

Boost repeat purchases with a retailer-branded tracking timeline.

Branded Tracking Emails

Send retailer-branded tracking emails at a time of peak engagement.

Customer Insights

Get the post-purchase insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Customer Journey

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.

Post-purchase Marketing

Marketing Tools

Turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity.

How it Works

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.

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