What to consider when looking for a Metapack Alternative

How do you know you’re picking the right multi-carrier solution for your eCommerce business? Many of our customers chose Scurri as an alternative to Metapack as their delivery management platform. 

This page covers key areas to review when considering a Metapack Alternative.

1. The ability to control costs

Scurri: A Metapack alternative with cost savings on auto-pilot

Often, cost-control is important for customers wop are seeking to find an alternative to Metapack.



At Scurri, cost savings are achieved through our easy-to-use software. Retailers don’t have to reach out to us every time they want to make a change. 


Instead our Rules Engine enables retailers to make their own changes or even automate cheapest carrier selection – with no extra fees on top of the bundle they’ve signed up to.

2. Access to effective customer support 

"Support was extremely slow, and responses often unhelpful"

Metapack Customer Review - Trustpilot

When considering a Metapack alternative, it’s worth checking out and comparing support packages amongst all providers.


Metapack provide support as part of their entry level bundle, but there’s a clue in the name – “Success Basic”.

For more comprehensive support, Metapack charges extra.


See what a Metapack customer had to say about their experience with Metapack on Trustpilot:


“We found Metapacks rules engine, which was virtually unchanged since 2010 to be clunky and awkward to use. Support was extremely slow, and responses often unhelpful. Adding a new carrier or service was a slow and drawn-out affair.”


Metapack Customer

Trustpilot Review

In contrast, here’s what Scurri customers have to say about their experience with Scurri:

3. Check whether there are hidden costs

When considering a Metapack alternative, it’s important to assess if there are any hidden costs or unexpected extras.

Hidden costs can deplete your profit margins

Delivery management is complex – and in the absence of transparent pricing, unexpected extras can significantly eat into your profit margins.


Those seeking a Metapack alternative should keep in mind extras that delivery management providers can charge for on top of their entry level bundles.



Below are a number of extras other delivery management providers can charge on top of their entry-level bundle that come as standard with Scurri:

4. Customer Reviews

Another area for consideration is how the quality and quantity of customer reviews that a Metapack alternative has.

For example, Scurri has 30 reviews on G2.
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4. How easy it is to switch to a Metapack alternative

Many retailers have successfully made the switch from Metapack to a Metapack alternative such as Scurri. 


It’s important to consider how easy this switch may be. For example, see a customer success story below from everything5pounds.

Customer story

Switching from Metapack to Scurri was a breeze

Changing the tech that runs your business is always a concern- at e5p we despatch thousands of orders a day, worldwide, using multiple rules and couriers.



With Scurri, scoping through to implementation was a breeze, go-live went without hiccups and our dedicated account manager is available whenever we need.



Although Scurri offers a full suite of expected functionalities we also achieve a very significant cost saving.



Scurri is a great solution, run by a great bunch of genuine, passionate, efficient and straight-talking people.“

Robert Kulawik

Chief Operating Officer

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