Omnichannel Strategies for Driving Profitability Across Multiple Channels from Pre- to Post-Purchase

The days of rapid online growth, lower operational costs and predictable customer behaviours are long gone.


Get Personal with Scurri Track Plus and take control of your Customer Delivery Experience (CdX)

Find out how Scurri Track Plus can revolutionise your post-purchase setup:

The Post-Purchase stages are often as important - if not more important - than all the others


will always open emails from a retailer or brand if they are updating them on the progress of their delivery


have more confidence in the tracking or shipping update information if sent directly by the retailer


are more wary of unbranded or third-party delivery updates as they think they might be scams – increasing to 76% of Gen Z


say tracking updates should come from the retailer rather than a delivery partner


find receiving unbranded updates from a carrier or courier company confusing as they don’t always know which order it is referring to – increasing to 65% of Gen Z and Millennials


say receiving personalised offers in tracking or shipping updates is a benefit that makes them more likely to repeat purchase

Scurri Track Plus – Key Features

Branded Tracking Timeline

Boost repeat purchases with a retailer-branded tracking timeline.

Branded Tracking Emails

Send retailer-branded tracking emails at a time of peak engagement.

Estimated Delivery Date

Estimated Delivery

Reduce order anxiety with accurate delivery expectations.

Customer Insights

Get the post-purchase insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Customer Journey

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.

How it works

See how our tech connects all aspects of the post-purchase experience.