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As fewer people are shopping in physical stores and choosing eCommerce, the store atmosphere and tactile encounters with products are now missing ingredients in the shopping experience. 


Innovative and impressive packaging design has the potential to generate enjoyable online experiences for consumers as well as ensuring your products are attention-grabbing even from a thumbnail preview. Especially if they are appearing side by side with similar products from competitors. 


Here are 6 awesome examples of ways to use product packaging to your advantage in the eCommerce world. 

1. Packaging with personality.

Oatly, an oat-based alternative to cow’s milk wanted to use their packaging as their main media channel, to attract a mainstream audience. Their packaging is fresh and fun and reflects their values on environmental responsibility and sustainability. In 2020, Oatly launched a first of its kind; eco-friendly packaging made with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane.

2. Eco-friendly product, eco-friendly packaging.

Method eco-friendly cleaning products making products that are ‘safe for every surface, especially earth’s’. Their beautiful and modern bottles are designed to use less energy to produce with maximum material re-utilisation, resulting in less waste in landfills. In 2012 Method joined forces with Ecover to create the world’s largest green cleaning company.

3. Playful packaging thats 'social ready'.

Not only have Fab fit fun worked to reduce their long-term greenhouse gas emissions by about 43.78% via their packaging design, but their colourful, and playful boxes are what we call ‘social ready’! It’s irresistible for customers to share these beautiful boxes of hand-curated beauty, wellness, fashion, fitness, home, or tech items across social networks. Social proof is a natural endorsement and as a marketing tool is extremely powerful, organic and best of all, free!

4. Distinctive packaging that highlights your brand.

Kiehls products, inspired by their apothecary roots, are instantly recognisable as Kiehls when viewed alongside similar beauty products. Yet each product is distinct enough that they also stand out from each other, so you’re not in danger of mistaking your serum for your favourite night oil! This consistent design incorporates variety thus providing customers with a pleasurable shopping experience both online and post-purchase.

5. The 'unbox me' box

Glossybox is a subscription-based beauty gift box. The monthly Glossybox delivery introduces subscribers to five new beauty products a month; premier and niche brands alike, selected by their experts. These exciting gifts inspire ‘Glossies’ to share their #UnboxingMoments with the world!

6. Reinventing the wheel! Or at least the wine bottle.

What is classier than wine that’s waste-free? Garcon wines reinvented the wine bottle by flattening it! Its innovative design lowers it’s carbon footprint, increases the efficiency of transportation, as many more bottles can be packed without the waste transporting empty space. This slashes carbon emissions and financial costs across the supply chain.


Not only that, they’ve created the packaging that safely ensures a single bottle can be posted through a standard letterbox making it the perfect gift from stockists like Moonpig and Prezzy box.

Laura Roche - Scurri content Marketing


Laura Roche Marketing Executive, Scurri

Laura Roche is a Marketing Executive at Scurri, managing social media and content marketing. Laura shares breaking news in the eCommerce space with our readers as well as sharing insights across the delivery and logistics landscape.

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