Do you know your 2019 ecommerce holiday dates?

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Do you know your 2019 ecommerce holiday dates?

Ecommerce holiday dates and checklist.

We put together a handy infographic and checklist for you to plan your promotional calendar for the year. Check out our 2019 eCommerce holiday dates below to make sure you’re ready to deliver a wow experience to your shoppers. We’ve also put together this comprehensive breakdown on How to successfully prepare for Peak 2019 – A checklist for retailers.


Our handy preparation checklist.

  • Start by reviewing last years statistics to analyse your eCommerce Store’s performance; this info is crucial to formulating your plan for this year. Start as early as possible to get ahead for the upcoming year.
  • Make sure your 2019 goals are clear and communicated to the whole team. Update your marketing strategy and then execute your campaigns with precision.
  • Keep your customers updated regularly about seasonal offers and upcoming deals and in plenty of time. Ensure you have the staffing and inventory to support heavy demands.
  • Bring some personality to your communications and build a relationship with your customers.
  • Integrate all your promotional channels for maximum benefit and automate any repetitive processes that you can.
  • Fully audit your eCommerce website for performance. Is your web hosting service ready for peak times? Test your infrastructure to ensure it’s robust; there’s no excuse for downtime!
  • Provide a smooth checkout for mobile users as well as other devices.
  • Mobile user sales continue to be on the increase. Analyse your visitor data to provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience to increase the rate of conversion.
  • Tailor your delivery and return options. This is key to reducing cart abandonment and increasing return customers.

Don’t forget to connect with your customers after they’ve received their goods. Find out what they loved about their experience so you can deliver even better customer service next year!

If overcoming ecommerce shipping challenges is part of your 2019 strategy then contact a friendly Scurri delivery expert. We optimise your online ordering, shipping and delivery to be simple, effective and adaptable.

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