British shoppers set for totally automated purchases by 2018, new study reveals.

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British online shoppers are set to reap the benefits of connected devices. A survey carried out by eCommerce consultancy firm Salmon has revealed that 57% of consumers will be ready to use technology to order products automatically by 2018. The research showed how 13% of respondents said they were ready to use such technology now.


Programmatic Commerce is the term given to Internet-enabled mobile devices that can complete smart purchasing decisions on the device owners’ preferences – it is set to be the next big thing in digital shopping involving connected devices; consumers are now comfortable with how smart technology can make their shopping experience more convenient.


On average, consumers use digital channels nine times each week on average. Moreover, half (53%) stated that technology has made the shopping process easier and more convenient.


The main advantages to automated purchases were stated as time-savings (37%), convenience (25%) and money savings, automatic selecting of the most competitively-prices products (37%), according to those taking part in the survey.


Just over one-third (35%) said they were using some smart technology in their home or were planning to use some in the next year. And 58% said they would be likely to choose a smart technology product, when replacing an item such as a fridge, if it offered the possibility of
automated shopping.


With Amazon having just launched Amazon Dash in the UK, it is easy to see why consumers are embracing connected devices. Programmatic commerce can only help consumers to build on their confidence in smart technology.


With programmatic commerce expected to change consumer shopping behaviour and transform the way we do commerce, retailers and brand must keep up with these developments in technology so that they are not left behind by the ever-increasingly tech-savvy consumer.


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