Differentiate your offering and scale with enhanced delivery control

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What happens between hitting pay and receiving a parcel may not be seen by customers, but it can define the potential of your online retail business to scale successfully.


Today’s online shoppers have come to expect a range of delivery services and speeds. To be competitive you need to offer the degree of choice they demand. By not being in control of the delivery process, you lack the certainty to offer customers what they expect – fast, frictionless delivery. That’s what the Scurri platform is designed to do – to put you back in control, because greater control allows you to offer greater choice, which leads to greater conversion. 

Enhanced delivery control

Offering customers a greater choice of delivery options, and having multiple carrier services to choose from, gives you a distinct competitive advantage. The Scurri platform is a single organising point for all carrier integrations, where you choose from over 700 carrier services.


More than that, it’s built to automate carrier selection in a much more sophisticated way. It allows the creation of unique carrier selection rules which amplify the range of services you can provide.

“By adding new carriers, and maximising our existing integration with DHL, we can offer more flexible service levels to our customers.”

With Scurri, you can do things you never thought possible. Previously unavailable service offers become simple and automated with a fully configurable, no-code rules engine. Use it to offer personalised delivery options based on customer behaviour and preferences. 

Convert more buyers at checkout

The delivery and pricing options you offer at checkout are decisive in a customer completing a purchase. Many buyers simply abandon a purchase if shipping costs are too high, or delivery is too slow. 


Tailoring delivery options at checkout ensures that customers are given the most relevant options to choose from. With Scurri you can easily configure the delivery information which appears at checkout. This level of control increases first time delivery success, because it’s based on specific customer preferences.

A central point of delivery control

Having a network of global and national carriers to choose from, gives you a distinct advantage. It allows you to control both domestic and international expansion. 


With our sophisticated rules engine you configure your own delivery approach. Advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities identify exceptions and issues early to resolve them with minimal impact to service. 

“Having Scurri sit in the middle of our warehouse management system and our final mile carriers is really scalable. We just couldn’t do the volumes we are doing now without it.”

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

Take control of your delivery management

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