10 Signs You Should Invest In A Carrier Management Solution

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10 signs you should invest in a carrier management solution.

The 7 most expensive words in business are: We have always done it that way!

Catherine DeVrye

Catherine DeVrye, Canadian Author and former IBM Executive explored the idea of continuous innovation and understanding the importance of adapting to change in a rapidly growing business environment. Deciding if a carrier management solution is a way forward for your organisation can be a challenge. There are some obvious signs that can help make the decision easier.

1. Human error is still having a negative impact. 

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. But is human error causing issues in output or resulting in low customer satisfaction? If this is the case, you need to draw the line. Choosing to implement a carrier management solution can eliminate administrative, manual processes.


2. There is room for improvement in efficiency.

Your business is doing great! The busiest time of year is on the horizon and it’s full steam ahead. But could you do more? If at peak times your business is complete chaos and you’re struggling to keep up, then a carrier management solution is something you should consider. Peak times shouldn’t worry you! They should be an exciting time in your business where you are prepared and reaching new heights of success.


3. Time management is an issue.

How much time are you spending on sorting, packaging and labelling? The aim for a lot of businesses is to ensure there is nothing on the packing bench – ever! For this goal to be achievable, a carrier management solution needs to be at the centre of the business needs. By integrating carriers and platforms you can efficiently manage your eCommerce shipments during every stage of your delivery process.


4. Customer satisfaction is a priority. 

As is the case in any organisation, customer satisfaction is a key focus. Implementing a carrier management solution can help maintain the day to day operations of your business while giving you an opportunity to focus more on ways to improve customer experience.

Our logistics department has seen huge benefits in operational capabilities and efficiency with Scurri.

Bobby Amirahmadi, Head of Logistics, Gousto

Still not convinced?

5. You have way too much paperwork. 

Not only does paperwork take up a huge amount of time to manage it’s just not the done thing anymore. Moving to a technology-based solution will sort and store all data, displacing the dreaded excel sheets.


6. You use multiple systems.

Too many systems? It shouldn’t be this daunting. Carrier solutions come with a clean UI. Various systems can be integrated to operate on one single platform. This accessibility can allow you to pull multiple programs into one central hub making it easier to track all orders and shipments.


7. You deal with one too many carriers.

You want to expand your business but it poses more hassle than it’s worth! A carrier management system aimed at making personal delivery simple and easily identify between carriers would remove manual labour and speed your shipping process.


8. You are frustrated with the level of support from your current provider.

Unfortunately, this is an issue for a lot of businesses. Many platforms outsource their support departments so getting to talk with someone in times of desperate need is difficult. When choosing a solution, look for a high SLA rating or positive Trust Pilot reviews.


9. You are looking for better value for money.

Often, systems are expensive and still don’t fully cover what you need them to. Choosing to invest in an automated delivery process has the potential to save you money in the long term.


10. You can’t wait for the next release to update your systems.

Deploying constant innovation is challenging. As carrier management solutions grow with the changing industry, you should too. Finding a system that is consistently deploying to their platform is key in staying ahead and availing of the most up to date innovation.

Why should I invest in Scurri?

With Scurri you gain access to a growing library of integrations to grow your business globally. Free up your technical resources because we provide you with the capabilities to manage the complexity of carrier integrations.


Take comfort in the fact that we understand how vital delivery is to the success of your business. Rest assured that our focus on reliability means we invest in leading-edge systems and processes to maintain an uptime of 99.9999%.


Gain powerful insights from your data. Analyse internal delivery operations and carrier partners performance. Invest your time in strategic data that will uncover the steps needed to empower your eCommerce business. 

To hear more about how Scurri can provide you with an ideal carrier management solution contact our sales team.

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