10 Signs You Should Invest In A Carrier Management Solution 2020

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The 7 most expensive words in business are: We have always done it that way!

Deciding if a carrier management solution is a way forward for your eCommerce store can be a challenge. There are some obvious signs that can help make the decision easier.

1. Inefficiency is impacting your growth.


Perhaps this was your most successful Peak period yet (with record online sales recorded in the UK) but the cracks in your ecommerce delivery management system affected sales and/or delivery. Late or failed deliveries? Downtime?


Having an effective carrier management solution to handle all your delivery needs in one place automates key processes, increases efficiency and reduces costs. It can be the difference getting through peak and operating at an optimum so that delivery can become a key driver in the growth of your business.

2. ​Relying on humans is taking its toll 


In this age of revolution, automation should be at the heart of your systems.​ If you are relying on humans to manually processes deliveries then you are being left behind by your competitors.


Small sellers can put up with lo-fi solutions due to their low volumes but for scaling retailers, any process that could be automated should be automated. The growth power that comes from automation is exponential.

3. Your customer reviews say it all


77% of negative online reviews are about bad post-purchase service, e.g. late or failed deliveries,  a lack of Tracking updates. (Brightpearl). When customer satisfaction is your key focus, implementing a carrier management solution will streamline the day to day operations of your business while giving you an opportunity to focus more on ways to improve your customer experience.

4. Time management is an issue.


How much time are you spending on sorting, packaging and labelling? By placing a carrier management solution at the centre of your operation you can reduce these times by a MASSIVE amount, for example by using tools like Scan & Print.


One single platform that integrates with your eCommerce platform and all your carriers means your team has the freedom to focus on the most important things, your customers.


Scurri customer Gousto went from spending 90 minutes per day booking labels to less than 15 minutes per week. They now deliver 2.5 million meals per month!

We went from spending 90 minutes per day booking labels to less than 15 minutes per week! It wouldn’t be possible to grow 80% year on year without the flexibility provided by Scurri.

Bobby Amirahmadi, Head of Logistics, Gousto

Still not convinced?

5. Your homemade DIY solution is slowing you down. 


Creating your own bespoke solution is a fantastic way to get up and running initially but once you begin to expand the limitations and expense start to become counterproductive and difficult to maintain.

Integrating with a fully cloud-based carrier management solution like Scurri means your service is always up to date with no downtime. No more battling against outdated infrastructure. 

6. You need more carriers.


You need to add more carriers to successfully expand your business and to offer a range of services to your customers but carrier integrations are so time-consuming, costly and complex it’s almost not worth it! 


A carrier management system gives you access to a growing network of carriers, with a range of services to offer choice and convenience to your customers. With certified integrations, you can create perfectly accurate labels every time.

7. You are frustrated with the level of support from your current provider.


After the initial honeymoon period, you may start to feel that you are just a number to your service provider.


It’s important that you choose a delivery provider that will partner with you and care about what’s best for your business and be there at the end of the phone when you need then.  When choosing a delivery management solution, it’s important to compare their pros and cons.

8. You want to do it your way


It’s your business and you should have the control. It might seem like using carrier management solution would mean relinquishing that control. By integrating via an API you would retain full control while gaining all the functionality. You wouldn’t have to leave your own system if you didn’t want to. 

9. You use multiple systems.


Too many systems? It shouldn’t be this daunting. With a Carrier solution, all your systems can be integrated to operate from one single interface. This accessibility gives you the power to manage everything delivery related in one place and gives you full visibility of all your orders and shipments.

10. You are looking for better value for money.


Often, new systems are expensive and you may feel like your business are not being fully met. Choosing which delivery management system to invest in can be daunting so comparing them closely is advised, from pricing to ease of use to customer service.

Why should I invest in Scurri?

With Scurri you gain access to our incredible network of carriers to expand your market and ship to anywhere in the world and expand into new markets. Switching between carriers is seamless and adding a new carrier is a click of a button.


Scurri have the most personal and responsive support team in the industry. Our team of dedicated delivery experts are here to support you and your business so you can evolve quickly. Connecting to our cloud-based system means your service is always up to date with no downtime


Get to the heart of what your customer needs by harnessing the power of your data through Scurri. With Scurri you gain the flexibility & ability to analyse your data and make informed decisions in real-time.


More than a delivery management platform Scurri partners with you to play an integral role in your scaling your businesses quickly. Scurri are at the forefront of making sure your customer’s experience is as good as it possibly can be.

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