What is shipping software?

Shipping software has a variety of applications. Depending on the scale and growth plans of your business, you may need to move from one shipping software provider to another.


Here’s a brief overview of the types of shipping software available, how shipping software works and the benefits of using a reliable shipping software provider.


Your questions answered: What is shipping software?

Shipping software comes in different forms and has a variety of applications. How it is deployed depends on the nature of a business, the volumes being processed, and its current level of delivery sophistication. For larger retailers, and enterprise level operators, the need for advanced automation is borne out of the relative complexity and high cost of managing shipping. 


Generally, shipping software helps to solve challenges by integrating and managing multiple carriers, improving label production, shipment creation, and last-mile customer experience. To be more effective, retailers use shipping software to control and coordinate all aspects of delivery. Doing so helps them scale faster by improving the all round performance of delivery operations.

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How does shipping software work?

By creating a central point of delivery management control, the best shipping software connects and optimises each stage of the shipping process. From carrier integration and maintenance, to label production, and post-purchase experience, shipping software works in harmony with existing warehouse and customer-facing systems. 


The Scurri platform is a single API integration that allows retailers to access an array of carriers and delivery services. The platform automates carrier selection using flexible and adaptable no-code rules. It harnesses carrier data to deliver a timely and effective post-purchase experience, and relies on our professionals to oversee each carrier relationship. Advanced automation working in the background to create a slick, hands-free process reduces cost, removes friction and drives efficiency.

What are the benefits of shipping software?

Shipping software helps retailers meet changing customer demands by offering the control to refine and improve delivery performance. With a complete view of the order, shipping, and delivery process, the Scurri platform gives advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities. The processing bottlenecks that cause delays are quickly identified and removed with best-in-class exception handling features. 


Issues with carriers are spotted quicker, problems are overcome with minimal hassle, and customers can be kept informed with proactive updates and real-time support. Being able to access a broad range of carrier services, without the integration headaches gives retailers the scope to create a more flexible, more sophisticated approach to delivery. Advanced features and tools empower retailers to both exceed their customer expectations and control delivery costs.

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