Scurri Enabled Vision Direct to See the Future.

As Europe’s leading online contact lens retailer, Vision Direct needed to provide fast, convenient delivery options that exceeded customer expectations. Scurri takes a look at how it provided the eCommerce company with the tools it needed to ensure customer satisfaction throughout their order process.

Focusing on the Profile

Since becoming the UK’s first online contact lens supplier in 1998, Vision Direct has grown to become a multi-national company, operating in seven EU territories. The organisation is consistent in delivering an exceptional quality service to customers in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium.

Viewing the Challenges

Vision Direct faced challenges as they began growing their business. They were looking for a system that could benefit their product and service in multiple areas.

“Our Customers expect fast, super reliable delivery and the ability to easily return items.” – Brendan O’Brien, COO

Adding new carriers while simultaneously managing existing carriers. Reporting on carrier performance and order fulfilment. Having a system that was agile with the growing eCommerce market. Maintaining an order process that is easy and simple to use.

We are able to ship the vast majority of orders within 24 hours, and our strong TrustPilot score of 9.5 is due to excellent delivery and exceptional customer care, made possible by our infrastructure and systems.

Brendan O’Brien COO, Vision Direct

The Eye-Opening Solution

Upon moving to Scurri, Vision Direct found the platform easy to integrate, deploy and use. As an Agile simple delivery solution, the global organisation could integrate multiple carriers onto a single platform.

Along with providing split testing and carrier performance comparisons, Scurri has designed an intellectual Rules Environment to save time and reduce costs at Vision Direct.

By adopting lean methodologies encouraged at Scurri the global contact lens retailer was able to optimise order placement and fulfilment, shipping and tracking.

20:20 Results

Our Delivery Management Platform provided paved the way for greater flexibility to add new carriers and switch between them through our rules environment.  Scurri is a scalable solution that grows with the business, allowing Vision Direct the agility it needed.

Vision Direct

A dedicated fulfilment centre, reliable delivery and returns system are key to ensuring infrastructure works effectively – 

Brendan O’Brien, COO

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