UK online grocery shopping is undergoing a transformation | The eCommerce weekly top 3

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UK online grocery shopping is undergoing a transformation.

The eCommerce weekly top 3

As part of our ecommerce influencer series, we ask leading UK ecommerce and shipping leaders to share their top three news items of the week. This week is Graham Charlton.


This M&S / Ocado story is interesting – Ocado has the tech and grocery delivery experience to make M&S a key player in this market:

The sheer size of Amazon continues to amaze. Its ecommerce market share is down slightly, but it still accounted for a third of ecommerce sales last year.

Finally, this from Gavin Llewelyn at Smart Insights is a useful guide to the various UX factors that Google uses.

About Graham

Editor in Chief at SaleCycle. Covering ecommerce and related topics. Which is quite a lot.

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