Top 10 delivery fails

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Top 10 delivery fails.

When delivery goes bad. 

There’s a childlike excitement to receiving a package in the post. From an online purchase we treated ourselves to, to the arrival of an unexpected gift, a parcel can brighten up our day! The magic of how that parcel actually gets to us is invisible. More than likely we take the level of convenience we experience these days for granted.


We rarely consider the mysterious journey the package has to make from being picked and sorted in the warehouse, to its transportation via air, sea or road until its final destination at your door.


That is UNTIL something goes wrong.  

High speed delivery, right to your door! Kinda...

Warehouse malfunction.

Sophisticated, high-tech sorting system.


Automated handling for maximum efficiency.


Fragile. Please handle with care.

Fragile AND corrosive. Really, please be careful.

Just leave it by the door?

Collect from a secure delivery locker.

Just leave it under the mat.

Sshh... no one will ever know.

Perhaps the next time a package miraculously arrives in your hands intact, you’ll have a new appreciation for the phenomenon.

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