Scurri Insights with Integrated Carrier – Royal Mail Delivery Matters 2017

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Identifying how consumer behaviour drives eCommerce strategies.

Scurri integrated carrier Royal Mail recently launched a Delivery Matters Report. We took some key insights from their research which we think you may find interesting, from new terminology to what devices consumers are using to shop online. The eCommerce marketplace is a fluid, rapid industry flooded by a competitive landscape. To stay ahead as an online retailer, knowing the facts and understanding your buyer personae is essential.

In the UK the average online spend stands at £268. With clothes, books, CDs, video & computer games being the top products of choice. Cart abandonment remains a significant issue for lost sales while brand trust and customer loyalty play an essential role in a consumer’s decision to purchase. 

The results of our survey paint a detailed picture of the behaviour preferences and opinions of UK online shoppers in 2017.

Royal Mail

What are “anywhere, anytime, shoppers”?

Anywhere anytime shoppers are a new interest in the marketplace. They are identifying shoppers to shop from more places than just their laptop at home on weekends.


There appears to be a rising expectation to move the entire customer journey to mobile. Social media remains intact in focusing on product and service discovery amongst consumers.


Keeping a watchful eye on social media platforms such as Instagram is essential. In their focus on product and service discovery, it seems apparent that the platform will also move towards purchasing through Insta-stories via influencer pages and associated links. 

69% of UK shoppers spend their money on Amazon and ebay.

Royal Mail

Trust in a brand is essential according to Royal Mail. They recorded 40% cart abandonment due to delivery charges that were not exposed until a customer reached the point of purchase.


Many online shoppers surveyed purchased from the same site more than once due to the excellent delivery experience they encountered. Parallel to this, many consumers were reluctant to buy from sites that were not well known, or that they haven’t used before for fear of hidden costs or poor customer service, including delivery. 

The irish shopper.

Ireland is a key player in the UK’s online market hub. With 81% of Irish consumers purchasing from UK sites in the last three months. (Research conducted in May 2017)



But! The Irish did have some concerns when shopping in the UK.


International delivery costs and customs charges, the barrier indicates 41% think international delivery is too expensive even if buying in geographically close markets like the UK.

Delivery of the facts.

  • Royal Mail delivers to 230 countries worldwide.
  • The UK based carrier leads the way for a trusted delivery service.
  • With 74% trust in the market towards their service.
  • Royal Mail has a diverse range of service including ‘Next Day Timed Delivery’.
  • Tracked Returns Service is a feature available to Royal Mail customers
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It is clear that the face of eCommerce is continuously changing. We strive to meet consumer expectations and deliver high customer satisfaction levels. Royal Mail has identified some critical insights into how the market is continuing to evolve across the UK.


Scurri looks forward to monitoring the market behaviour, continue to innovate and tailor our dynamic platform and API to suit each of our users, while expanding our carrier knowledge and cross-border expertise. 

To find out more about moving to a new system to optimise your delivery operations contact our sales team.

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