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two children playing with toys from big jig toys ltd

Streamlined & Cost-Effective Delivery

Big Jigs are a leading global toy brand, distributing toys to 93 countries worldwide. Their mission to create top quality, safe, affordable toys that are made from ethically sourced materials sets them apart.


Big Jigs switched Delivery Management Platforms in 2019, selecting Scurri’s sophisticated yet simple-to-use solution over the competition, to empower them in their accelerated business growth. Scurri’s software enabled Big Jigs to streamline their delivery operations and offer the highest possible delivery standards to their customers while simultaneously generating cost benefits to the business.

Here is what Dean Johnson, eCommerce Executive of Big Jigs had to say:

“We love how much control and flexibility we have using the Scurri API, it’s so easy to use, as is the rules engine. Features like Rates reporting give us the power to analyse our carrier costs and make savings. We can see all our data easily and use it to continuously develop and offer the best possible delivery service to our customers.


Scurri’s functionality should not be underestimated. Scurri does everything we need while being cost-effective and it’s delightfully straightforward.”

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