River Island invests in Artificial Intelligence | The eCommerce weekly top 3

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River Island invests in artificial intelligence.

The eCommerce weekly top 3

Here we share our top three ecommerce news items of the week.

River Island has announced it will be introducing machine learning to help manage stock across its stores. They are embracing AI in order to future proof their business by anticipating stock needs and to be adaptable to the changing habits of shopper. 


Source Retail Week

Amazon is withdrawing from China as its share of the market reduces to 1%. Rivals such as Alibaba and JD.com have the foothold and provide a wider range of goods and have a more developed distribution network, therefore offering faster delivery speeds.


Amazon is shifting its focus towards cross-border trade when it comes to customers in China.

Ocado’s high-tech Andover warehouse was hit by a major fire earlier this year which caused extensive damage. They plan to recommence deliveries from the centre this month. When in full swing the 320,000sq warehouse utilised hundreds of autonomous robots who could process approximately 65,000 orders a week.

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