Covid 19 | The Scurri eCommerce weekly top 3

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Each week we gather the top three eCommerce news items of the week. Here’s what stood out for us this week!

Zalando has recorded over 34 million active customers across Europe during the first half of 2020.


The online retailer has expanded its customer base by 20.4 per cent during the period as the company’s gross merchandise volume climbed by 25.1 per cent to €4.72 billion (£4.18 billion).


Meanwhile, revenue increased by 19.6 per cent to €3.56 billion (£3.15 billion). Read the full article here.

Sainsbury’s is using artificial intelligence to catch thieves as it prepares to test new “concealment detector” technology across its store estate.


Sainsbury’s has partnered with ThirdEye to roll out the concealment detector technology, which uses machine learning to detect and record when a shopper places an item in their pocket or coat.


When the technology detects a concealment, it will send a four second video of the theft to security staff immediately. Read the full article here.

Asda has launched a new fleet of high-tech carbon fibre delivery vans with “stunning payload improvement and a huge capacity increase”.


Asda’s 25 new vans feature a large carbon fibre pod which is insulated by 5500 recycled plastic water bottles, constructed by UK firm Penso, on top of its usual Mercedes Sprinter chassis.


While each will achieve 10 per cent more miles to the gallon than their current fleet, the key improvement is the significant increase in capacity. Read the full article here

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