Optimising your Delivery Process

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Optimise your delivery process.

According to Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters report – online spending increased from 74% to 80% in 2017 while global online sales were at a staggering $2.3 TRILLION in the US. As the eCommerce industry shows no sign of slowing down, optimising your delivery process is essential.

Let's work back.

The end goal is a happy customer with a delivered parcel on time. If shipping costs are low, the customer is further satisfied. Now there is an opportunity for the customer to share their positive experience with your brand across social media. They have the potential to act as an advocate, a marketer for your company.


Unfortunately, eCommerce merchants need to overcome a lot of hurdles to achieve a happy customer. Not only do you need to pay particular attention to customer expectations optimising your logistics flow is equally important. 


If you haven’t adapted to technology in your warehouse by now, then stop reading and get to it! Automation tools like POS, CRM and Delivery Management Systems are essential to eCommerce.

Face your fear and allow technology to do the work for you. There are a vast array of options to enhance your eCommerce business placing you on the path of business growth and customer satisfaction.

Automating your Delivery Management System can free up time spent at the packing bench, remove room for errors and provide cost-saving measures in order fulfilment and returns. 

Incorrect order allocation at the pack bench costs online retailers and carriers £1.6 BN every year in the UK. 

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As customer demand in the eCommerce market grows so too does the need for warehouse space with more and more people buying online the warehouse is becoming a central part of the retail stack.

On-demand warehousing is the ability to optimise under-utilised warehouse space. And on short-term contracts. This option allows well-established retailers to rent space to market peers. 

Charlie Pool,
CEO of On-Demand Marketplace Stowga.

On-demand warehouse space is beneficial for still being able to keep space for peak periods or seasonal bursts. This solution can prove advantageous for solving logistics issues. It also offers flexibility to retailers in the supply chain area.


Having efficient logistics and reliable warehouse space to facilitate customer demands is vital. This simple optimisation will result in customer enhancement and a positive brand reputation. You can fulfil your orders within a working environment leading to that end goal.


The service you provide before, during and after any sale is essential. With efficient track and trace capabilities, the advantages are twofold.

Focusing on customer experience management (CXM) may be the single most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate.

Shep Hyken
Forbes Contributor

  • On the one hand, it helps identify metrics. It can keep track of output flaws where orders may have been incorrectly delivered. Or identify an assigned carrier indicating fulfilment issues. Tracked metrics can directly show what elements require optimising attention.
  • On the other hand, customers can track their order enhancing customer loyalty.

It also very much lends to the experience of purchasing something online. Think about when you buy that pair of shoes, watching the wrap and pack of the item is exciting. Then arriving home and unpacking it, is equally an adrenaline rush. Hence ‘retail therapy’!

Customer satisfaction is the defining factor in reaching that end goal. Optimising tracked capabilities can enhance this unique satisfaction.

Availing of automation tools will enable you to concentrate on areas of the business. Placing warehouse space at the centre of the retail stack will ensure fulfilment.


What are you waiting for, put the steps in place to optimise your delivery process and ensure your end goal is within reach!

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