New ecommerce platform allowing SMEs to ‘compete with the very largest online retailers’ launched by PayPal | The Scurri eCommerce weekly top 3


New ecommerce platform allowing SMEs to 'compete with the very largest online retailers' launched by PayPal.

The Scurri eCommerce weekly top 3

Each week we gather the top three ecommerce news items of the week. Here’s what stood out for us this week!

Small independent etailers will now be able to access to the same infrastructure as Facebook and Instagram on PayPal’S new ecommerce platform. Back-end systems like authenticating accounts, fraud protection and compliance that were previously only available to the tech giants will now be accessible, essentially ‘democratising’ the platform. This will create opportunities for smaller online retailers to compete with the titans. Full article here.

Amazon announced it is set to begin delivery via drone in the coming months and has unveiled its latest high-tech Prime Air delivery drone.


The drone is capable of transporting 2.3kg packages up to 15 miles, meeting the retailer’s ambitions of creating ‘fully electric drones that can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds to customers in less than 30 minutes.’ Amazon Prime Air plans to use the aircraft to establish a package delivery operation in the United States.


This certificate is valid for one year and is eligible for renewal. Full article here.


Source Retail Gazette

Waitrose has launched a new waste reduction scheme where customers will be able to fill up or refill their own containers with a range of products. The Waitrose Unpacked initiative, currently on trial its Botley Road shop in Oxford, will provide


The initiative is being trialled in an Oxford branch that has a dedicated refill zone with dispensers for pasta, rice, coffee and washing up liquid, 160 loose fruit and veg, and a variety of beers and wines on tap. Packaged equivalents of the products will remain in their usual areas as a test to see if shoppers change how they shop.


The top 10 UK supermarkets produce 810,000 tonnes of throwaway packaging each year.  Major retailers need to take plastic reduction seriously. Full article here.

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