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Each week we gather the top three eCommerce news items of the week. Here’s what stood out for us this week!

Ocado has become the latest UK supermarket to begin stockpiling long-life products as a no-deal Brexit becomes increasingly likely.


The online grocery giant’s chief executive Tim Steiner warned that “you can’t store fresh food because it is fresh”, as he confirmed that his company had begun stockpiling a number of lines.


Despite efforts to sure up reserves in preparation for a no-deal scenario, Steiner warned that Ocado would need four times the amount of warehouse space it currently has in order to store just a month’s worth of food. Read the full article here.

UK consumers are set to spend a record £22bn shopping from their smartphones and tablets this Christmas, eclipsing sales on PC for the first time, according to a new report. Read the full article here.

Primark’s chief executive Paul Marchant has slammed claims that COVID-19 has brought about a permanent shift to online shopping.


In an article published in The Times, Marchant took aim at pundits who claim “COVID-19 has merely speeded up an inevitable and permanent shift from in-store to online shopping”, calling them “wrong” and “naïve”.


Marchant cites research conducted by his wildly popular fast fashion brand Primark, which reportedly suggests that shoppers “civic pride and, by extension, self-esteem” comes from their hometown, village or city. Read the full article here.

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