3 ways to master last mile logistics

Every step of the eCommerce delivery journey presents its own set of challenges which can be overcome – yet the challenge of last mile logistics are truly unique and represent a pain point for many retailers. 



Here, we take a brief look at the steps that can be taken to master a last mile logistics strategy.


1. Be prepared for new last mile logistics challenges as you scale

Forward planning goes a long way in delivery management and it’s particularly true when it comes to last mile logistics. The nature of a successful eCommerce retail company is that as it grows, new delivery management challenges arise. How can a retailer prepare for entering new markets where the challenges are unknown? 


Many retailers find that the solution is to partner with a delivery management partner who has encountered each of these challenges before and has already proactively created solutions to solve them. By drawing on the expertise of those who have encountered last mile logistics problems over many years, retailers can always remain prepared for challenges as their businesses scale.

Last mile logistics challenges including parcel delivery
Workers exploring last mile logistics challenges

2. Deep dive into data for last mile logistics insights

When a problem occurs during last mile logistics, having accurate tracking and reporting in place can shed light on what went wrong so it can be fixed before it escalates further. That’s why there are many benefits to having all of your delivery management tracking and reporting in place through once central delivery management platform. 


For example, Scurri’s delivery management software allows you to filter reports through a range of filters – analysing deliveries based on parameters such as postcode, warehouse, carrier, carrier services and more. Instant access to valuable data across your entire delivery management operations makes it easy to spot where problems are occurring and helps ensure you can streamline your last mile logistics. 

3. Control the costs of your last mile logistics

Last mile is the most taxing part of the eCommerce logistics chain, comprising up to 53% of total shipping expense. A recent PwC survey found that managing or reducing costs (59%) and increased efficiency (63%) are currently both top priorities for supply chain professionals.

One way to control the costs of your last mile logistics is to ensure you’re always using the cheapest carrier available to you at a given time. Scurri’s delivery management software has a feature that automatically selects the most cost efficient carrier – empowering you to add true cost control to your last mile logistics.

Worker analysing last mile logistics costs

These are just three ways a business can improve their last mile logistics, but there are many more.



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