How to be truly engaging on Social Media | Embracing real connection for eCommerce growth.

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In an increasingly digital world, retail brands need to stay connected to their customers virtually by increasing their social media presence.


But with so much noise on social media, it can be hard to stand out and create genuine connections with followers. So how do you make a lasting impression with social media users and truly build relationships to connect them with the brand?


First and foremost, let the customer get to know the brand and the people behind it!

People love a good story, and portraying your brand story and value proposition through images and videos on social media can inspire customers to connect with the brand and be inclined to shop.


This goes beyond seeing marketers on Instagram, as 62% of users like to learn about the people behind the brand, from employees up to the CEO. Posting pictures and videos of employees with the product is a great way to personalise the brand and pique the interest of followers.

Secondly, portray a lifestyle.

Followers like to see interesting, inspirational, and fun content on social media, so retailers must go beyond simple direct advertising to catch the interest of customers scrolling through their feed.


Focus on posting aesthetically pleasing and brightly coloured content that not only shows off the product but also the lifestyle that goes along with it. For example, a maternity clothing brand could post not only their products, but also content about family, pets, work-life balance, and tips and tricks for family life.

Another great way to portray the brand is by partnering with influencers who match the values of the brand and whose followers align with the brand’s target audience. Influencers have a credibility that can encourage consumers to trust in your products, something that can be difficult to accomplish over the internet.


Giving consumers a chance to engage with a brand without feeling pressured to purchase the product can enhance connection and create positive feelings towards the brand.

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Thirdly, be responsive.

More than 55% of users report that responding to consumers on social media helps brands connect to their customers. It is essential to set aside time to like and respond to comments and concerns of consumers on social media.


You can also use the polling feature on Instagram stories and Facebook to get feedback from consumers and engage them in conversation about the brand and products. By having real conversations with consumers, you will better understand them and their expectations of you as a brand.


Using these strategies, you can stand out on social media as a personable and authentic brand.

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