How it works

Scurri Track Plus is powered by Scurri Logic, a combination of our proprietary technology and agile methodology designed to put our clients back in control of the customer delivery experience (CdX)


Automatic flow

Once a shipment is manifested in the Scurri platform*, those shipment details flow automatically into our post purchase communications tool

Branded emails

When our software receives the shipment information, it uses the tracking data to trigger a series of branded customer emails based on configured conditions.

Triggered emails

You may decide that particular tracking statuses, such as In Transit or Out For Delivery, should trigger an email.


You can create any number of automations and send particular emails for orders over a certain value, for VIP customers, and based on the SKU, for example.

Branded Order Tracking Timeline

Tracking Timeline

A retailer-branded tracking page contains a timeline including an estimated delivery date. This can be hosted by Scurri or embedded on your own website.

Data and Insights

You’ll get to monitor all insights regarding the post-purchase experience with our reports and dashboards. See open rates, click-through rates, carrier activity and more.


*For non-Scurri Connect customers, shipment information is imported via API or Shopify

Easily integrate with your carriers and tech stack

Track Plus integrates with your existing tech stack including carrier tracking data to ensure a seamless experience.
warehouse workers working on a tablet preparing deliveries

Scurri Track Plus Features

Branded Tracking Timeline

Boost repeat purchases with a retailer-branded tracking timeline.

Branded Tracking Emails

Send retailer-branded tracking emails at a time of peak engagement.

Estimated Delivery Date

Estimated Delivery

Reduce order anxiety with accurate delivery expectations.

Customer Insights

Get the post-purchase insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Post-purchase Marketing

Marketing Tools

Turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity.

Customer Journey

Turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity.

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