Covid 19 | The Scurri eCommerce weekly top 3


Each week we gather the top three eCommerce news items of the week. Here’s what stood out for us this week!

Amazon was hit by the largest DDoS attack ever recorded for over three days in what experts are calling a “warning we should not ignore”.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), on which thousands of retailers rely on to operate online, managed to defend itself from the largest ‘distributed denial of service (DDoS)’ attack in history in February.


Amazon managed to defend against the unprecedented attack with its AWS Shield, designed to protect customers of it cloud service from DDoS attacks, application vulnerabilities and bad bots. Read the full article here.

Ebay has seen sales of dumbbells skyrocket nearly 2000 per cent during lockdown as shoppers prioritise home fitness while gyms remain shut.


New data from Ebay has revealed staggering rises in home fitness equipment throughout March and April compared to 2019, proving that “the world is staying on top of health.” Read the full article here.

Amazon has introduced new units in its warehouses which can automatically determine whether staff are undertaking social distancing.


The new Distance Assistant, now active in a number of Amazon warehouses, uses a camera to detect whether staff are within six feet of each other. Read the full article here.

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