What is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software aims to solve delivery pain points for retailers at every stage of the eCommerce journey – from labelling through to delivery and beyond.


Here, we take a brief look at what delivery management software is and how it can help retailers as they scale.


Delivery management software as a central point of control

Delivery management software works by removing friction to seamlessly connect all aspects of the order, shipping, and delivery process. With all your carriers and services in one place, managed through a single integration, it offers a central point of delivery control. Outdated, manual systems are replaced with automation that offers an efficient, reliable, hands-free process. 


By giving you access to a global network of carriers, instantly, at no additional costs for each integration, delivery management software saves you time and money. By doing the heavy lifting for you, it gives you the flexibility and control to offer your customers a far more sophisticated range of delivery options, services and speeds.

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Delivery management software insights explored by customers

Popular features of delivery management software

Although they usually claim to offer the same advantages, when compared, the features of delivery management software can vary. The suitability of particular software to achieve your business objectives can depend on the degree of flexibility and customisation available.

By allowing you to switch between carriers, delivery management software can remove the issues that impact your post-purchase offering. 



However, by automating carrier selection, the Scurri platform lets you create pre-set rules to always choose the optimal service for each package. Instant, accurate production of carrier approved labels avoids mistakes. Upstream pre-approvals identify exceptions earlier and remove them from the warehouse.

Extracting insights from delivery management software

Delivery management software works by giving you a high-level view of delivery performance, with advanced insight to help you make lasting improvements. By connecting and integrating your warehouse and customer systems, a wealth of data is available to manage all tracking updates, improve last mile experience, and reduce WISMO queries. 



By removing friction in your order processing and label production, and choosing the optimal carrier service at the best rate, the Scurri platform puts you back in control. Your carrier costs are controlled with our shipping rates analysis feature, not to mention the advantage of adding new carriers at no additional cost, and being able to negotiate better rates.

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We hope you found this high level overview of delivery management software helpful.



If you’re currently researching delivery management software and would like to learn more about why retailers choose Scurri, learn more about our delivery management software below.

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From labelling to last-mile logistics and post-purchase solutions, Scurri’s delivery management software connect every stage of the delivery journey


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Built for control, scaled for growth

Delivery management software that puts you in control

Scurri’s delivery management software put you back in control of your business by cutting costs, coordinating carriers, scaling your capabilities, enhancing your offer and optimising your last mile logistics.



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