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scurri delivery management software

At Scurri, we really don’t like to brag, but sometimes we just have to share our good news! The combined impact of Covid and the last-minute Brexit deal meant that Q1 2021 was arguably the most challenging of quarters for online retailers when it came to shipping and delivery. 

This is why the positive response from our customers bowled us over as we received our highest scores to date for NPS and CSAT during the last quarter. “We love our Customers” is one of our core values at Scurri, and we’re not ashamed to say that it feels so good to be receiving that love back!

Beating our NPS & CSAT high scores

We take our role in our customers’ success very seriously, so we are thrilled that this hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’re incredibly humbled that our customers are such loyal enthusiasts of Scurri as their delivery management platform. 

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is the measure of how likely customers are to refer a product or service to others, it scores customer loyalty and is a leading indicator of growth.

🔴 (-100 – 0) Needs improvement

🟠 (0 – +30) Good

🟢 (+30 – +70) Great

💚 (+70 – +100) Excellent


NPS for Q1 2021

scurri delivery management software


CSAT for Q1 2021

scurri delivery management software

Scurri’s aggregate NPS score for 2020 was +63, a result that we were pretty happy with! To receive an NPS of +100 for 2021 so far is a testament to the exceptional support we provide and the value our customers receive from the Scurri carrier management solution. 

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) measures the satisfaction level customers have for products/services. Our aggregated CSAT score for 2020 was 93% so reaching a CSAT of 95% in the current climate is a huge achievement for a Global Delivery Management Software provider.


Uptime in 2020

scurri delivery management software


Uptime for Peak 2020

scurri delivery management software

While it has been a challenging year for many retailers, we are proud to so many companies flourish with Scurri, with volumes increasing more than 100% for some of our customers. We know the importance of having a stable and scalable platform for eCommerce merchants. Scurri can also boast that we maintained a 99.999% uptime throughout 2020 and 100% uptime during peak 2020 where volumes skyrocketed across the weeks surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some highlights of the value Scurri delivers

Here are just a few ways our customers have benefitted from Scurri in Q1, overcoming Brexit related challenges and why they are singing our praises.



Speed  – Fast deployment of changes, additional carriers, adding new warehouses in EU, speed of response from customer service.


For example, for some retailers, Brexit caused huge delays and stresses in sending goods from the UK to Ireland; we supported customers by helping them set up new warehouses in Ireland to overcome this. Adding a new warehouse in the Scurri system and the associated carriers can be done in 1 day!



Agility – The ability to quickly adapt to new scenarios,  increased volumes, new carriers, scaling operations etc.


For example, a customer who struggled to get bulk shipments of goods manufactured in the UK to stock their Polish warehouse identified a carrier that could distribute from the UK. Our very response Support Team had them up and running in a matter of days with their new carrier account on Scurri so they could quickly commence distribution from the UK to the EU. 



Control – The ability to quickly make changes without needing to contact support.


For example, Scurri’s Rules Engine is great for this. Customers can quickly switch carriers for orders to different countries or where products need to be handled differently.



Visibility – The ability to track and monitor all areas of delivery performance via Scurri’s enhanced tracking and reporting suite, make informed decisions, and provide consumers with full visibility of their orders.


Access to this real-time data means retailers can reduce “where is my order calls” as well as using that available data to answer such queries quickly and efficiently. 



Resilience – Reinforcing logistics network with multiple carriers along with a stable and scalable platform. 


For example, retailers using Scurri can easily amend the Terms of Trade between DAP and DDP, (i.e. who pays for customs duties and taxes, the retailer or the customer). Thus ensuring their consumers have the experience they intended, building trust and customer loyalty in this crucial time. 

If you want to learn more about growing your eCommerce business with Scurri and becoming one of our satisfied customers, we’d love to hear from you, get in touch today. 

Vicki M
Vicki M
Project Coordinator
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"Fantastic Delivery Management Software! Easy to use platform; the rules handling engine is incredibly easy to set up and use. The team at Scurri are second to none, they are quick to answer and queries that we have and really treat us like valued customers. I would highly recommend Scurri to anyone thinking of using delivery management software."
Peter D
Peter DManager
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"High speed labelling. Fantastic piece of software that fits in well and speeds our workflow. Highly recommend for ease of label production, led to rapid scaling on online business shipping.
Clifton V
Clifton V
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"Best in class for label dispatch management. Scurri is a fast and reliable SAAS based label solution with a powerful rules based engine which allows us to tailor our label creation to both country and SKU based accuracy. Scurri is a time saving investment and allows our business to grow with a multiple carrier approach to omnichannel retailing."
David B
David BOperations Manager
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"Scurri, the way forward. Easy, pain free and supported in our business every step of the way. Pros: Create customer service & account management. Very easy to plug and play between your integrated carriers, manually or automated."
John A
John AMid-market
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"Excellent helpful service. Scurri have helped us here with many operational challenges, their are quick and efficient responses make the operation much more valuable. From my experience with Scurri and it's support, it is a must have tool in regards to making any day to day operation more streamlined and efficient."
John F
John FManager
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"We love Scurri. We ship using Royal Mail, FedEx and DPD. Since Brexit Scurri have worked really hard to get shippers new customs and VAT rules upgraded and working. We use Scurri everyday and because it is 99% reliable take it for granted. The software is easy to use and is highly reliable."
Laura Roche - Scurri content Marketing


Laura Roche Marketing Executive, Scurri

Laura Roche is a Marketing Executive at Scurri, managing social media and content marketing. Laura shares breaking news in the eCommerce space with our readers as well as sharing insights across the delivery and logistics landscape.

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