Customer experience in the last mile

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Customer experience in the last mile.

Notes from The Delivery Conference.

E-commerce and delivery experts gathered in London earlier this year to hear from industry leaders on delivery, customer experience and expectation, cross-border trade, logistics and supply chain strategy.


Scurri gathered notes from the main talks on the day. Here we share insights from speaker Mike Richmond, Chief Commercial Officer at Doddle.

The emotion of a great customer experience.

Mike started his presentation with an analogy of a memorable delivery experience.


He talked about a recent experience he had with his wife as they patronised a local restaurant. Although it was a small curry house that wasn’t even popular on TripAdvisor, he said it delivered an exquisite experience for them, something that prompted them to book it again after a few weeks just to relive the experience.

What matters in a customer journey is where the emotion is at its peak and the endpoint.

Mike Richmond,
Chief Commercial Officer, Doddle.

He also gave another analogy of a game of football, where a goal scored in the dying minutes of the game brings to life raw emotion.


Further, Mike cited statistics that showed that 82% of customers are willing to share their positive shopping experience with other people, saying it’s a good thing for retailers as they benefit from word of mouth referrals. Again, 92% of people said they trust feedback from friends.

The four components for an ultra delivery experience.

  • It needs to be affordable
  • Fast
  • Memorable
  • And offer choice

Although every customer base is different, he said that the above four components make for an ultra delivery experience.


Mike cited a magazine that recently showed four things that Brits hate paying for. These were electricity bills, gas bills, overdraft charges and the dreaded TV licence.


To expound on what online customers needed for a delivery to be considered of ultra quality, he cited another research that showed that 62% of online shoppers said they would consider free online deliveries. However, he noted that retailers were avoiding the word ‘free’ and were coming up with creative words to mean the same.


In terms of improving delivery speeds, Mike said that retailers should work towards getting their stuff out of warehouses fast.


The other trend that’s gaining popularity is the click and reserve, where you buy online to reserve your orders, then use QR codes to access it in store.


The Dollar Shave example of an ultra delivery experience.

To conclude his presentation, Mike talked about The Dollar Shave Club, a subscription razor business. When joining this club, you interview and disclose your lifestyle and the things you’re interested in. When they send you packets, they make sure they personalise them to match your interests. In a nutshell, putting personalised notes inside your packaging makes your delivery memorable, he said.

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