Nike Augmented Reality App scans your feet for a perfect shoe fit.​

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Nike is using Augmented Reality in to ensure you get the perfect fitting shoe! Nike collaborated with a high tech orthotics company to develop the technology to allow customers to scan their feet using the Nike app. The camera on their smartphones measures length, width, volume, overall form and then compares this data with its bank of shoe interiors; the machine learning determines the exact shoe size for any style of Nike shoe.


Source Nike

Although there is a lot of noise from the fashion industry regarding sustainability, the rate of improvement is, in fact, slowing down. A new report shows that 40% of all fashion companies are not taking sustainability seriously by setting actual targets.

Consumer pressure is a significant factor when it comes to motivating brands to take action for sustainability – the report found that 38% of consumers actively switched from their preferred brand to another brand due to the ‘environmental or social practices’. Brands are listening to consumers voting with their wallets.

There is a wealth of evidence to support the fact that fashion is accelerating the pace of the predicted climate disaster. Global Fashion Agenda’s chief sustainability officer suggests that the industry can only move forward if big companies start working together to share solutions to increase the rate of change.

A new service in the UK allows Amazon customers to collect online orders from a choice of hundreds of Next stores. The partnership with Next sees the Amazon Counter service being introduced as an alternative self-service delivery option.

Amazon continues to diversify its delivery network by making a major investment in the British delivery giant Deliveroo. Meanwhile in the US Amazon is offering employees $10,000 and three months wages to quit their job and start their own delivery companies to expand their delivery network after announcing last month to cut delivery times for Prime customers down to 1 day.

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Author: Laura Roche, Marketing Coordinator, Scurri


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