Underpin eCommerce growth with delivery management control

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As your online business takes flight, delivery doesn’t have to be a barrier, instead it can be a gateway to a world of new opportunity. 


Fulfilment is one of most prohibitive costs for a growing eCommerce business. At a same time, shipping costs are a major influence over purchasing decisions for the majority of shoppers.

While 24.7% of merchants say that the biggest challenge their supply chain faces are delivery costs (Schliechtriem, 2021), 69% of online shoppers say that excessively high shipping costs are the biggest reason for cart abandonment. 

With multiple systems that must work together to make delivery more efficient, change can be difficult to implement, especially across borders. When you’re in control you can unleash complimentary growth capabilities to scale your entire delivery offering. 

Whether you need to automate manual processes, expand your service offering at scale, or connect your business across markets, Scurri puts you back in control. 

Enterprise scale and capabilities

Taking advantage of new eCommerce growth opportunities means having the control to integrate quickly with new carriers. When you work with a delivery management platform provider that supports your international retail expansion plans, bespoke integrations with smaller, local carriers become routine. 


With over 700 carrier services available through a single integration, the Scurri platform makes selecting and integrating with local carriers in new markets simple. Our sophisticated rules engine gives you advanced control by automating optimal carrier selection for each parcel. 

Enhanced delivery control

Control is crucial when you’re expanding because you have to process larger volumes of orders. The Scurri platform automatically generates a carrier approved shipping label in a matter of seconds. It puts you in control of a hands-free process that works seamlessly and is accurate for each and every delivery. 


By removing errors and manual intervention, automation offers the operational ease to deal with larger volumes. Using our platform, subscription meal service Gousto improved shipment creation speed by 85%, with a 95% reduction in label booking resources.


Advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities identify exceptions and issues early, and take them out of the warehouse.  

Navigate compliance hurdles

In a post-Brexit world, taxes, duties and logistics flow are far more challenging. Compliance is never optional, and complete and valid data is non-negotiable. Scurri brings additional capabilities with best-in-class technology partners like Hurricane Commerce.  AI-driven, real-time solutions make it easier for companies to trade internationally.


The Scurri platform lets you easily handle compliance hurdles, complex duty and tax elements, and gain complete visibility of restricted items. 

“In terms of Brexit, we got guidance on all the harmonisation codes, and documentation we needed, there were no problems switching over and updating our systems.“

Remove eCommerce growth barriers

Scurri removes the barriers that exist for retailers to grow by ensuring you can deliver on our customer service promise internationally. 


Many successful eCommerce businesses eventually reach a plateau of growth and competency. To offer a choice to their customers, they need to onboard more carrier delivery options and ensure that the ‘last mile’ works. 

‘’We discovered how straightforward international logistics expansion could be because Scurri believed in our vision, and importantly, supported us on the delivery. Our relationship with Scurri was life changing for our business and remains a key component for our customer satisfaction.”

Online shoppers expect a range of delivery options and speeds. In new territories you need to be able to react to specific preferences to provide the best experience. In certain markets we have seen the growth of PUDOS, and more sustainable delivery options, for example. 


Letting customers know the status of their parcel, wherever they are, using real-time tracking data, reassures them and reduces customer support queries.  

“Having Scurri sit in the middle of our warehouse management system and our final mile carriers is really scalable. We just couldn’t do the volumes we are doing now without it.”

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

Take control of your delivery management

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