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Transform customer experience with enhanced control of delivery


One of the single biggest disruptors of online customer experience is not being able to stand over your delivery promise. Even worse, not being able to resolve issues effectively when customers make contact. 


Poor customer experience is one of the biggest sources of complaints and additional costs. However, greater control and flexibility allows you to offer customers more convenience, choice, and reliability. 


Taking control of delivery management gives you the power to develop a cohesive experience for domestic and international customers alike. It allows you to switch between carriers quickly in a frictionless way to avoid loss of service, and ensure that customer support in the last mile works by tracking orders through the full order journey. 


It puts you in control of exactly how you want to notify your customers about the status of their orders. That’s what Scurri was designed to do, to put you in control.

Transform the customer experience

Using our platform you can offer a better service to customers through an enhanced range of capabilities. Our sophisticated and fully configurable rules engine automates carrier selection, choosing the optimal service for each delivery. 


With a multitude of carrier services available through a single integration, you can meet the needs of every customer, wherever they are in the world.


You could want to offer same day, next day, timed delivery, sustainable options, or PUDOS, for example. By giving you a comprehensive choice of services, Scurri gives you the flexibility to tailor your delivery approach. 

“The ability to choose to operate a new carrier next week in an existing market is very powerful. Using Scurri, we are able to connect to new international carriers easily. This makes it easier in terms of giving customers more options, more choice and a better experience.’’

The Scurri solution removes manual effort and errors, and increases processing speed by generating carrier-approved labels automatically, across multiple pack benches. Upstream checks identify problems before they arise. All this contributes to smoother, more efficient order processing, faster shipment creation, and far fewer issues for customers. 

Control of delivery outcomes

Post-purchase experience is now a key differentiating factor for online retailers. The best way to create a positive last-mile experience is to partner with carriers that can guarantee deliveries within agreed timeframes. 

WISMO queries account the majority of all incoming eCommerce support tickets. The capacity to monitor and track each order through a single platform gives your customer service teams visibility when challenges do arise. Having all order tracking notifications sent directly by you, rather than the carrier, puts you back in control of delivery experience.

‘'Allowing customers to live track through your own website, allows us to actually take control of the customer experience.’'

Offer your customers more

Last mile is notorious for throwing up obstacles. You could also be dealing with carrier connectivity issues, or downtime. With Scurri you can switch effortlessly to an alternative if your chosen carrier is unavailable. In fact, rules can be set in advance to nullify the potential impact of service disruption on customers. 


Scurri was designed to transform your customer service offering with an enhanced range of customer-centric capabilities. You can identify problems before they arise and prevent issues from reaching your customers. If they do, you can monitor and track them effectively to give your customer service teams greater visibility.


By supporting our uniquely configurable rules engine with easy implementation and category-leading customer service, Scurri has a dramatic impact on your experience of delivery management too. 

''Scurri has been so supportive, the account management, the personal touch, and the customer-centric aspect of it all, when it comes to carrier management systems, you would not get me looking elsewhere.’’

There’s no wonder we have industry-leading NPS and CSAT scores and a growing list of dynamic blue-chip clients.

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

Discover the features of our platform that put you in control.

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