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When it comes to your warehouse process, you have one job – to get it right. An eCommerce business will literally grind to a halt if it can’t get parcels out on time. 


An array of systems and processes are involved in getting the delivery piece right. If they don’t work in a frictionless way, problems will occur. To solve them you need the visibility and control to act decisively, right across the lifetime of an order.


If issues arise in the warehouse, what do you do? Worse, if a problem reaches a client and you don’t have visibility, how do you act? Resolving delivery issues not only reduces complaints but transforms the entire customer experience. Increased efficiency allows warehouse staff to focus on fulfilment, it reduces the cost of resolving issues, and prevents delays, the biggest source of customer dissatisfaction.


Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. That’s why Scurri is built to put you back in control. 

With Scurri’s pre-approvals and tracking capability, issues can be dealt with earlier and quicker,  making resolution easier and cheaper.

Quick and accurate shipment creation

In fulfilment, there’s nothing worse than missing and wrongly labelled parcels. With disjointed processes and systems, managing the data you produce and collect can be a struggle. 

You may have to log into different carrier portals when you need to make changes to customer information. All too often, businesses have to fall back on manual intervention to keep things running smoothly. 

If trading internationally, the customer issues introduced by Brexit can also disrupt your operation. Logistics flows can be far more challenging, with a range of new customs and regulatory requirements. 

The Scurri platform is instrumental in acting as a single source that offers control of the entire shipping process. Instant, accurate, valid data empowers you to provide the highest levels of service.

Quick and accurate shipment creation is vital, but without visibility of, and intelligence in the end-to-end process, blockages and delivery bottlenecks are more likely to happen. 

If delays do happen, your customer support team will have to resolve larger volumes of WISMO queries from concerned customers. 

Single source of delivery management control

When dealing with disruption to a delivery service, having the flexibility to switch carriers with minimum fuss is essential. It’s one of the big advantages of integrating with, and managing all carriers through a single platform.


Our next-generation platform puts a world of delivery choice and flexibility, over 700 carrier services, both global and domestic, at your fingertips. You can select the best carriers for your delivery needs, and manage them all through a single integration. 


Customer service is the cornerstone of online retail success. Ongoing monitoring and tracking gives your customer support team the visibility to improve efficiency and reduce the number of issues over time.  

‘’Scurri’s clear reporting, tracking visibility and speed reduced our customer service volumes as well as improving customer satisfaction, because customers know exactly when and where parcels will arrive.’’

These issues can all be prevented by having a single-source of delivery management control. That’s what the Scurri platform is. 

Enhanced control of issue resolution

Upstream label pre-approvals ensure the right service and the right details, as selected by our sophisticated and customisable carrier selection rules engine. Managing by exception, identifies issues and inconsistencies and moves them out of the warehouse for easier and more effective resolution. 

Our ongoing monitoring allows for constant optimisation by uncovering recurring challenges and enabling changes in process to address them at scale. 

“With Scurri everything is far easier to interrogate. Our shipping process can be monitored and constantly improved. In terms of quality and accuracy, that’s massive. In terms of the opportunity for scalability, Scurri is a huge enabler.“

Scurri offers a single portal for customer service teams to use and apply all labels. Not only does this impact bottom-line, but it nullifies one of the largest areas of customer complaints, thereby improving reputation and satisfaction. Make delivery issues a thing of the past and get on the front foot with Scurri.


Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.


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