Regain control of your delivery operations and scale quicker


Friction in the order, shipping, and delivery process is the enemy of any online retailer that’s trying to scale across borders. Creating a smooth running operation means improving the efficiency of internal processes. The challenge, however, with multiple systems and procedures, and varying degrees of performance, is knowing where to start. Unless you’re in control, it’s hard to improve efficiency. 


Expanding internationally means having control to fulfil orders to anywhere, at any time, by adding multiple new carriers and delivery services for each location. The Scurri platform provides a unified point of control as you scale, offering full end-to-end management of cross-border operations. 

Single source of delivery management control

Our platform seamlessly connects you to over 700 carrier services, both global and domestic, through a single integration. This enables retailers to manage all carrier data from one central location. The resulting benefits play out at every stage of the eCommerce journey; carrier selection, labelling and shipment preparation, to post-purchase experience.


The Scurri platform is instrumental in acting as a single source that offers control of the entire shipping process. Instant, accurate, valid data empowers you to provide the highest levels of service.

‘’In terms of the accuracy, the rate of sending the wrong things to the wrong carrier, and all that kind of stuff, with Scurri, it’s just not a feature anymore.”

Flexible and adaptive controls

A sophisticated rules engine gives you direct access to customise carrier and service selection based on a combination of 35 variables. That’s billions of offers that you can provide, with no complicated coding involved. You can integrate with the right carrier and service, in a fast and efficient way, with no manual input. 


Configured by you, exactly how you want it, our rules engine automates optimal carrier selection. Changes are executed instantly and intuitively, with no need for technical expertise.

“The biggest benefits of using Scurri have all been about improving the efficiency of internal processes.’’

Powerful monitoring and reporting features offer a 360 degree view of how delivery strategy is performing. These capabilities enhance issue resolution and enable ongoing optimisation.

Scaling in new markets

In a post-Brexit world, taxes, duties, and logistics flow are more challenging. The objective is to create a stable and repeatable process that eliminates customs issues, bottlenecks, and delivery blind spots. 

‘’Scurri has made the carrier integrations almost effortless. This allows us to focus on our clients growth without having to worry about integration barriers which normally delay expansion into new territories.”

Taking back control

Outsourcing fulfilment can seem like an attractive option for retailers. However, it also removes the element of control, so crucial in building customer trust. If you’re not in control of delivery service levels and lead times, you’re not in control of the customer experience, wherever they are.  When problems arise, there is little, if anything, you can do.

“We were using a third-party logistics provider and decided to take a different approach. Control was a factor, it was all about having the benefit of bringing it in-house.

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

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