A Case Study – JDS Toys & Games

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Case study - JDS Toys & Games.

Meet JDS Toys & Games, a successful Scurri customer who has taken the time to share their user story.


Scurri customers are the advocates for everything we do and stand for. Along with high standards of customer satisfaction, each user on our platform is striving towards successful delivery. We get to know our customers in every possible way. 

JDS Toys & Games Ltd trade as The Regency Chess Company.


Trading mainly through their own website, the company also sells via eBay, Amazon and Etsy.


Now in their 10th year, JDS Toys & Games are Europe’s largest chess set specialists. They facilitate a well-established market position through sourcing global, high-quality products. 

Before Scurri.

In November 2016 the gaming company began integrating with the Brightpearl system. This aimed to remove the manual processes.


Automating order processing and integrating accounting capabilities.


With a revolutionised business there was a further need to integrate a delivery management system. The need involved a reliable platform to print shipping labels and manage delivery with minimal manual input.

We made the leap and are extremely glad that we did. We have had nine months of order integration with Scurri, and it’s been hugely successful.

Julian Deverell
Director at Regency Chess Company 

Moving to Scurri.

Scurri assigned an integrations specialist for the onboarding process with JDS Toys & Games.


The team overcame initial challenges with printing via specific computers. Putting in place some best practices and generic rules provided the best results for warehouse operations.

Key Features.

Scurri introduced its new user to the benefits of the platform. We identified the Rules Environment as a key feature for JDS Toys & Games.
The chess company ship their products all over the world using a combination of carriers. This required multiple integrations on a single platform. Allocating shipments with the best carrier rate also allowed for cost-effectiveness and could be easily achieved through the configuration of dynamic rules.
Mapping complex delivery paths proved to be an essential aspect for JDS Toys and Games. We needed to ensure each path could be configured through a pre-defined, automated set of rules. 
The Scurri ecosystem with the dynamic rules engine allowed JDS Toys and Games to have peace of mind in their delivery capabilities. While the eCommerce company is exceptionally seasonal, they have adopted a system that can reliably handle extra volumes when necessary. 

Scurri has an amazing rules engine. It allows you to drill right down for optimal order allocation. 

Julian Deverell,
Director at Regency Chess Company 

Benefits with Scurri.

  • No more manual label input. JDS Toys & Games have experienced huge reductions in staff labour time since onboarding with Scurri.
  • Allocating shipments with the best value carrier and service has resulted in tremendous cost savings.
  • Our customer can now track orders more effectively with tracking numbers populated back into 3rd party systems.
  • JDS Toys & Games can easily upscale orders and sales with no fear of bottlenecks.


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