5 ways to boost customer satisfaction with a post purchase experience platform

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The post-purchase phase of the customer experience is a crucial point in the consumer decision journey; an important point of influence for future buying decisions with a brand.


When we developed our post-purchase experience platform Scurri Track Plus, a key goal of ours was to help retailers boost loyalty and customer retention. 


We know that one bad experience is enough to prevent a shopper returning, not only that but customers tell more people about a negative experience than a positive one. Research shows that acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining one and just a 5 % increase in customer retention rates can increase profits by anywhere from 25 to 95 per cent.

But are retailers giving this side of the customer journey enough attention? There are a number of ways to enhance this phase of the customer experience to create a competitive advantage. Here are 5 practical strategies to add value to the post-purchase experience.

1. Use a post purchase experience platform to build trust

79 % of shoppers consider it important to receive communication and information about the status of their delivery. And 65% want to be able to track the entire delivery journey. Keeping customers informed is a great way to boost trust while they await their delivery.



For retailers, offering tracking via email can present customers with personalised, relevant offers and brand messaging and prevent them going to a third-party app to track their package. 



Keeping customers informed with tracking helps build trust every step of the way. For instance, you can notify a customer when a delivery problem occurs, this gives you the opportunity to inform the customer of the alternative solution, extend an apology and offer them a discount or freebie. This is where customer service excellence comes in.

2. Connect your post purchase experience platform to a reliable delivery management platform

Delivery is one of the last touchpoints between you and your customer, reliable and efficient delivery contributes substantially to customer satisfaction and retention. Customers consider reliability to be just as important as speed, if not more so when it comes to delivery. 


Delivery is the main source of favourable online reviews as an exceptional delivery experience ranks much higher in the mind of the shopper than the initial conversion. And

77% of negative online reviews stem from bad delivery experiences, online reviews are a deciding factor for shoppers when purchasing, so this is a crucial area to focus on. 


Customers expect the highest level of service and a late or failed delivery is not acceptable in this customer-centric era. 79% of consumers say on-time delivery would contribute to their decision to become a repeat customer. Research shows 54% of shoppers would spend more with retailers that have excellent reviews and can spend up to 22% more.


If you need to improve the reliability, performance or profitability of your delivery management, check out the latest features within Scurri’s delivery management platform

3. Use your post purchase experience platform to encourage unboxing videos

Beyond the last mile, the last touchpoint you have with your customer is the opening of the package. This part of the journey is often overlooked by retailers but can, in fact, provide a fresh opportunity for developing brand reputation by creating an experience that lasts in the mind the customer.

Enhancing the post-purchase experience with packaging can be done in a combination of ways. For instance, making use of eco-friendly secondary packaging can showcase your sustainability credentials and in this era, shoppers are more likely to shop with environmentally responsible brands over less sustainable ones.


Beautifully customised and branded packaging is an effective marketing tool with people more likely to show these to friends, family and social media and is not as expensive as you might think in the world of digital printing. The unboxing trend on social media and on Youtube has become more widespread and has the potential to offer a post-sale marketing tactic to generate further sales.


A post purchase experience platform like Scurri Track Plus can be used to encourage unboxing videos. For example, you can configure rules that will send emails encouraging unboxing videos to customers of certain products, on the day of delivery.

4. Use your post purchase experience platform to free up customer service time

We’ve already mentioned delivery, tracking and returns, it’s essential that your customers remain informed throughout every stage of the customer journey so they are not in the dark, this communication helps builds trust. Customer support should span across the whole customer journey from interest, to retention and upselling.


But what do you do if your customer service hours are being used up by costly WISMO queries? This is unfortunately the case for many retailers. A post purchase experience platform like Scurri Track Plus can reduce WISMO queries by keeping customers informed every step of the way. This in turn reduces the amount of WISMO queries, freeing up your customer service team to deliver excellence in other areas.

Happy customer who used a post-purchase experience platform

5. Use a post purchase experience platform to generate repeat business

In a survey, 40% of respondents said that post-purchase experiences make up the most memorable aspect of the overall brand experience. For retailers that want to inspire loyalty and consistent sales, they should assume that positive customer experience should happen before, during, and after the purchase.  



Brands should pay attention and respond to their customer reviews and appraise each stage of post-purchase experience. Investing in strategies to continue to improve and leave a positive lasting impression in the minds of customers is a genuine opportunity for customer loyalty and retention.


A post purchase experience platform like Scurri Track Plus can be used to upsell and crosssell, by highlighting other products within your tracking emails.  

Scurri Track Plus offers all of this and more

FAQ about Post Purchase Experience Platforms

Still keen to learn about about post-purchase experience platforms? Below is a post-purchase platform FAQ with additional information.


1. What is a post purchase experience platform?

A post purchase experience platform is a digital solution that focuses on the customer journey after a purchase has been made. It provides various tools and features to enhance the post-purchase experience, such as order tracking, customer support, product recommendations, reviews and ratings, and loyalty programs.

2. Why is a post purchase experience platform important?

A post purchase platform is essential because it helps businesses build customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction, and drive repeat purchases. By providing a seamless and personalised experience after the sale, businesses can strengthen their relationships with customers and encourage them to become brand advocates.

3. What are the key features of a post purchase experience platform?

Some common features of a post purchase platform include:

Branded Tracking Emails: Allows customers to be kept up to date with the status of their orders. Instead of these emails coming from a carrier, they come directly from the retailer – this ensures the retailer’s brand stays front of mind for the consumer.

Product recommendations: Branded tracking emails can offers personalised suggestions for additional products or services based on the customer’s purchase history.

Reviews and ratings: Encourages customers to share feedback and ratings about their purchased products or overall experience. A good post purchase experience platform, like Scurri Track Plus, can be configured to only recommend reviews when a person has had a positive delivery experience. 

Customer creating unboxing video after prompt from post-purchase experience platform

4. How does a post purchase experience platform benefit businesses?


A post purchase platform can benefit businesses in several ways:


Increased customer satisfaction: Branded tracking emails that keep customers in the loop can address customer needs and concerns promptly, thereby enhancing the overall satisfaction and loyalty.



Repeat purchases: By offering personalised recommendations and incentives, businesses can encourage customers to make additional purchases.



Positive brand image: Providing a seamless post-purchase experience helps businesses build a positive reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.



Customer insights: Post purchase platforms often gather data and analytics for retailers that can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.



5. Is a post purchase experience platform suitable for all types of online retailers?


Yes, a post purchase platform can benefit businesses of all industries.



6. How can I choose the right post purchase experience platform for my business?


When selecting a post purchase platform, consider the following factors:



Features: Assess your specific requirements and ensure the platform offers the necessary features to meet your needs.



Integration: Check if the platform integrates well with your existing systems to avoid data silos and facilitate seamless operations.



Scalability: Ensure that the platform can grow with your business and handle increasing customer volumes.



User-friendliness: Evaluate the platform’s ease of use for both customers and your internal teams.


Reputation and customer support: Research the platform’s reputation and customer reviews, and consider the level of support provided by the platform provider.


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