10 innovative companies trailblazing the way with Retail Technology | Evolving eCommerce via digital technology.

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The retail industry is becoming increasingly digital, a change accelerated by Covid-19 measures that are forcing retailers to turn to the internet for business. As they do so, retailers look to digital companies to help them make this transition and create enjoyable shopping experiences for their customers.


Here are ten data-driven companies partnering with retailers to improve the customer experience and reshape the eCommerce industry through digital innovation.

Shopify allows retailers to create an eCommerce website efficiently and effectively. Shopify handles the marketing, payments, shipping, and more by integrating with partners so that retailers don’t have to.

With a multitude of features, Shopify’s platform is customisable to all retailers and can offer different experiences for retailers based on industry, needs, and market size. 

This data-driven startup uses behaviour analytics to track website use and engagement through heat maps, surveys, session recordings, and other advanced tools.


Hotjar allows retailers to see how customers are experiencing and engaging with their online stores, allowing them to adjust their strategies and better cater to the customers’ needs.

This innovative cloud platform simplifies eCommerce for businesses by connecting all sales channels into one place and providing rich features to enhance the customer experience on the website.


Among these features are order processing software, warehouse management, reporting and eCommerce analytics tools, and search engine optimization.

Thriftify is not only an online charity shop but also a platform providing inventory management, reporting features, and other analytics.


Thriftify encourages charity shops to sell their donations online instead of in-store, a method that has seen massive growth in recent months due to the Covid-19 lockdown measures. The Thriftify platform helps to correctly price items and is easy to use.

This UK based startup buys used clothing from retailers to repurpose them for ‘rewear’. With the ‘reCommerce’ industry expecting to grow over the next five years, this company encourages retailers to invest in high-value clothing and offers easy recirculation of apparel.


Stuffstr is dedicated to sustainability in the retail industry and is working towards creating a less wasteful industry in the future.

Ometria’s AI-powered platform provides personalised and cross-channel marketing to help online retailers reach their customers. By creating customer profiles using data, this startup provides the information needed for retailers to personalise the customer journey and the marketing campaigns used to attract them. 

Spoon Guru uses an AI platform to allow consumers to discover the right foods for them, taking into account dietary preferences, health objectives, and life choices. By partnering with supermarket chains and other food delivery companies, Spoon Guru provides information about ingredients that consumers need to select the right food for them. In recent months due to Covid-19, this startup has helped many food retailers streamline the online food shopping experience for consumers. 

Netsuite is a cloud-based business management software platform, offering retailers a single place to manage inventory, finances, customer relationship management, and more. Netsuite’s flexible platform allows for a customisable experience for each retailer based on their needs. 

Trustpilot is a platform for customers to review over 300,000 businesses. The startup reviews and posts customer reviews to give companies; along with customer analytics and insights to bring businesses closer to their customers and the feedback they need. In the age of eCommerce, credibility is vital, and Trustpilot allows companies to enhance their reputation and establish trust with their customers

Klarna is a payment system that connects customers and retailers, allowing customers to pay in instalments or up to 30 days after delivery for items ordered through the Klarna app. Customers can manage purchases, payments, and returns all within the app, which serves as an efficient checkout solution for online retailers. This app gives the consumer more purchasing power and allows for trial purchases, an attractive feature in the online retail industry. 

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